Top 100 Smartphone SOCs in the World 2023

Welcome to today’s post. The title says that this post is going to be looking at the top 100 Smartphone SoCs in the world. In reality though, I have made a very comprehensive list of about 180 SoCs.

Last updated at 5:00am on September 22th, 2023 to reflect the latest SoCs on the market.

Using the title “top 100 Smartphone SoCs in the world” is a lot more catchy and is good for SEO (search engine optimization). In all honesty, I was going to go with just 100 but there are way too many important SoCs to leave out so I just did 200 instead.

Top 100 SoCs in the world

1Apple A17 ProApple GPU
2Apple A16 BionicApple GPU
2Dimensity 9200+Immortalis
Mali G715
3Snapdragon 8 Gen 2Adreno 740"
4MediaTek Dimensity 9200Immortalis
Mali G715
5Apple A15 Bionic Apple GPU
6Dimensity 9000+Mali G710 MC10"
7Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1Adreno 730"
7Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2Adreno 725"
8Dimensity 9000Mali G710"
9Snapdragon 8 Gen 1Adreno 730"
10Apple A14 BionicApple GPU"
11Exynos 2200AMD Xclipse 920"
12MediaTek Dimensity 8200Mali G610 MC6"
13Snapdragon 888+Adreno 660"
14Snapdragon 888Adreno 660"
15Kirin 9000sMaleoon 910"
15Google Tensor G2Mali G710 MP7"
16Google TensorMali G78 MP20"
17Kirin 9000Mali G78 MP24"
18Dimensity 8100Mali G610 MC6Flagship killer
19Exynos 2100Mali G78 MP14"
20Apple A13 BionicApple GPU"
21Snapdragon 870Adreno 650"
22Snapdragon 865+Adreno 650"
23Dimensity 8000Mali G610 MC6"
24Dimensity 1300Mali G77 MC9"
24Dimensity 8050Mali G77 MC9"
25Dimensity 1200Mali G77 MC9"
26Exynos 1080Mali G78 MP10"
27Snapdragon 865Adreno 650"
28Dimensity 1100Mali G77 MC9"
29Dimensity 1000+Mali G77 MC9Premium
30Snapdragon 855+Adreno 640"
31Apple A12 BionicApple GPU"
32Snapdragon 860Adreno 640"
33Snapdragon 7s Gen 2Adreno 710"
33Exynos 990Mali G77 MP11"
34Snapdragon 7 Gen 1Adreno 662"
34Snapdragon 782Adreno 42L"
35Dimensity 7200Mali G610 MC4"
36Snapdragon 778G+Adreno 642L"
37Exynos 1380Mali G68 MP5"
38Snapdragon 780GAdreno 642"
39Kirin 990 5GMali G76 MP16"
40Snapdragon 778GAdreno 642L"
41Snapdragon 855Adreno 640"
42Kirin 990 4GMali G76 MP16"
42Dimensity 8020Mali G77 MC9 "
43Exynos 9820Mali G76 MP12"
43Dimensity 7050Mali G68 MC4"
44Exynos 9825Mali G76 MP12"
44Dimensity 1080Mali G68 MC4 "
44Dimensity 1050Mali G610 MC3"
45Dimensity 920Mali G68 MC4"
46Kirin 985Mali G77"
47Dimensity 1000Mali G77 MP9"
48Dimensity 1000LMali G77 MC9"
49Kirin 980Mali G76 MP10"
50Exynos 1330Mali G68 MP4"
51Kirin 820Mali G57 MP6Upper
52Dimensity 820Mali G57 MC5"
53Exynos 1280Mali G68 MC4"
54Snapdragon 768GAdreno 620"
55Dimensity 900Mali G68 MC4"
56Dimensity 930IMG BXM-8-256"
57Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 Adreno 644"
57Snapdragon 845Adreno 630"
58Exynos 9810Mali G72 MP18"
59Snapdragon 765GAdreno 620"
60Snapdragon 695Adreno 619"
61Exynos 880Mali G76 MP5"
62Snapdragon 750GAdreno 619"
63Snapdragon 4 Gen 1Adreno 619"
64Exynos 980Mali G76 MP5"
65Snapdragon 765Adreno 620"
66Apple A11 BionicApple GPU"
67Dimensity 800UMali G57 MC3"
68Kirin 810Mali G52 MP6"
69Dimensity 810Mali G57 MC2"
70Helio G99 Mali G57 MC2"
71Dimensity 800Mali G57 MC2"
72Dimensity 6100+Mali G57 MC2"
72Dimensity 6020Mali G57 MC2"
73Snapdragon 732GAdreno 618"
74Snapdragon 480+Adreno 619"
75Snapdragon 690Adreno 619L"
76Snapdragon 720GAdreno 618"
77Snapdragon 730GAdreno 618"
78Dimensity 700Mali G57 MC2"
79Dimensity 720Mali G57 MC2"
80Helio G90Mali G76 MC4 "
81Helio G96Mali G57 MC2"
82Snapdragon 835Adreno 540"
83Snapdragon 730Adreno 618"
84Helio G95Mali G76 MC4"
85Snapdragon 480Adreno 619"
86Helio G90TMali G76 MC4"
87Kirin 970Mali G72 MP12"
88Snapdragon 712Adreno 616"
89Exynos 8895Mali G71 MP20Lower
90Snapdragon 680Adreno 610"
91Snapdragon 685Adreno 610"
92Apple A10 FusionPowerVR GT7600"
93Snapdragon 678Adreno 618"
94Snapdragon 710Adreno 616"
95Snapdragon 820Adreno 530"
96Snapdragon 670Adreno 615"
97Snapdragon 675Adreno 612"
98Unisoc T618Mali G52 MP2"
99Helio P95PowerVR GM9446"
100Snapdragon 821Adreno 530"
101Helio P90PowerVR GM9446"
102Helio X30PowerVR 7XTP-MT4"
103Helio G88Mali G52 MC2"
104Kirin 960Mali G71 MP8"
105Snapdragon 662Adreno 612"
106Exynos 9609Mali G72 MP3"
107Snapdragon 665Adreno 610"
108Unisoc T616Mali G52 MC2 "
109Exynos 8890Mali T880 MP12"
110Unisoc T700Mali G52 MP2"
111Helio G85Mali G52 MP2"
112Helio G80Mali G52 MP2"
113Kirin 710FMali G51 MP4"
114Exynos 9611Mali G72 MP3"
115Helio P70Mali G72 MP3"
116Exynos 9610Mali G72 MP3"
117Kirin 710AMali G51"
118Snapdragon 460Adreno 610"
119Helio G70Mali G52 MC2"
120Helio P65Mali G52 MC2Budget
121Snapdragon 660Adreno 512"
122Exynos 850Mali G52 MP1"
123JLQ JR510Mali G52 MC1 "
124Apple A9PowerVR GT7600"
125Unisoc T612Mali G57 MP1"
126Kirin 710Mali G51 MP4"
127Unisoc T606Mali G57 MP1"
128Unisoc T610Mali G52 MP2"
129Helio P60Mali G72 MP3"
130Snapdragon 636Adreno 509"
131Exynos 7904Mali G71 MP2"
132Kirin 950Mali T880 MP4"
133Kirin 955Mali T880 MP4"
134Exynos 7885Mali G71 MP2"
135Snapdragon 632Adreno 506"
136Snapdragon 630Adreno 508"
137Helio G37PowerVR GE8230"
138Helio G36PowerVR GE8320"
139Helio G35PowerVR GE8320"
140Helio P35PowerVR GE8320"
141Exynos 7884Mali G71 MP2"
142Exynos 7872Mali G71"
143Helio X27 (6796)Mali T880 MP4"
144Snapdragon 810Adreno 430"
145Helio P30Mali G71"
146Kirin 659Mali T830 MP2"
147Exynos 7880Mali T830 MP3Entry level
148Helio X25 (6769T)Mali T880 MP4"
149Helio X23 (6769D)Mali T880 MP4"
150Exynos 7420Mali T760 MP8"
151Helio X20Mali T880 MP4"
152Snapdragon 653Adreno 510"
153Helio P25Mali T880 MP2"
154Helio P23Mali G71 MP2"
155Helio A25PowerVR GE8320"
156Helio P20Mali T880 MP2"
157Apple A8Apple GPU"
158SC9863APowerVR GE8322"
159Snapdragon 626Adreno 506"
160Snapdragon 625Adreno 506"
161Kirin 658Mali T830 MP2"
162Snapdragon 650Adreno 510"
163Kirin 655Mali T830 MP2"
164Kirin 650Mali T830 MP2"
165Snapdragon 652Adreno 510"
166Snapdragon 439Adreno 505"
167Helio P22PowerVR 8320"
168Snapdragon 450Adreno 506"
169Snapdragon 808Adreno 418"
170Helio G25PowerVR GE8320"
171Exynos 7870Mali T830 MP2"
172Helio A22PowerVR GE8320"
173Kirin 935Mali T628 MP4"
174Kirin 930Mali T628 MP4"
175Apple A7PowerVR GE6430"
176Snapdragon 429Adreno 504"
177Helio A20PowerVR GE8300"
178Exynos 5433Mali T760 MP6"
179Helio P18Mali T860 MP2"
180Helio P10Mali T860 MP2"
181Snapdragon 435Adreno 505"
182Helio X10PowerVR GE6200"
183Exynos 7580Mali T720 MP2"
184Snapdragon 430Adreno 505"
185Snapdragon 617Adreno 405"
186Exynos 7570Mali T720 MP2"
187Unisoc SC9832EMali T820 MP1"
188Snapdragon 616Adreno 405"
189Snapdragon 615Adreno 405"
190MT6750TMali T860MP2"
191MT6739PowerVR GE8100"
192Snapdragon 425Adreno 308"
193MT6738Mali T860"
194MT6753Mali T860 MP2"
195MT6752Mali T860"
196MT6750Mali T860"
195Kirin 620Mali 450 MP4"
196Snapdragon 412Adreno 306"
197MT6737TMali T720 MP2"

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What is an SoC?

An SoC is the processor of a smartphone. It contains the CPUs, GPU, ISP etc. It dictates how the phone perform in terms of processing tasks, apps and games, quality of photos and video, battery consumption, heating etc.


Why is an SoC important?

An SoC is the most important component of your smartphone. Without an SoC, nothing on your smartphone would run at all. The SoC also determines the grade of a smartphone as well as its pricing. A phone with Snapdragon 888+ would be referred to as a flagship and would cost a lot of money. Another phone with a Unisoc 7731E would be considered an entry-level device and would be dirt cheap.

Why do we rank SoCs?

All SoCs are not made equal, so therefore all SoCs are not the same. Some SoCs are better than others and some are far worse. Having a handy tool like this should help you know the level of the SoC on your phone and where it lies in the SoC pecking order.

Generally speaking, SoCs can either be flagships, flagship killers, midrangers, budget or entry level. These levels usually go a long way to determine how your SoC will handle apps, games, photography, communication etc.

Smartphone SoC brands explained

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This ranking was made possible by data gotten from Antutu, Geek Bench, 3D Mark, Tech Centurion and Nano reviews. While I mostly avoided 3G only SoCs and focused on 4G and 5G SoC, there were some 3G SoCs that I could not ignore so I added those in.

Benchmarks played a huge role in this rating. They are not perfect but they are the best that we have got.


It took almost a month to come up with this list. Where does your SoC rank? Do you think its real life performance matches its rating? Hit me up in the comments.

Thank you for reading to the end. As always, ensure to check out our links for more information and…