Top 100 Smartphone GPU rankings

Hi, I’m sure that you clicked the link because you were probably searching for the top 100 smartphone GPU rankings. Well, you’re in the right place. Come on in.

GPUs are kind of overlooked in this whole SoC craze, but they’re important. Trust me.

As with the SoCs, I went with the title top 100 smartphone GPU rankings because it would make this content easier to find.

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What is a GPU?

The mobile GPU is a dedicated co-processor designed to render graphics on apps, user interfaces as well as 3D content on your smartphones, wearables and IoT devices.

Every image, graphics or games that is played or will be played on your phone is rendered by the GPU.


Top 100 Smartphone GPU rankings

1Adreno 740A
2Immortalis G715-MP11A
3A16 Bionic (5-core)A
4A15 Bionic (5-core)A
5Adreno 730A
6Adreno 725A
7Mali G710 MP10A
8A15 Bionic (4-core)A
9A14 BionicA
9AMD Xclipse 920A
10Adreno 660A
11Mali G78 MP24A
12Mali G710 MP7A
13Mali G78 MP22A
14A13 BionicA
15A12 BionicA
16Adreno 650A
17Mali G78 MP20A
18Mali G710A
19Mali G78 MP14A
20A11 BionicA
21PowerVR GT7600+A
22PowerVR GT 7XTA
23Tegra X1 MaxwellA
23Mali G77 MP11A
24Mali G77 MP9A
25Mali G76 MP16A
26Mali G610 MP6A
27Adreno 644A
28Adreno 642A
28Adreno 642LA
29Adreno 640A
30Adreno 630A
31Mali G77 MP7A
32Mali G76 MP12A
33Mali G76 MP10A
34Mali G68 MP5A
34Mali G57 MP6A
35Mali G57 MP5A
36Adreno 540A
37Mali G72 MP18A
38Mali G71 MP20A
39Mali G72 MP12B
40Mali G71 MP8B
41Adreno 530B
42Mali G68 MP4B
43Adreno 620B
44Mali G57 MP4B
45Mali G57 MP3B
46Mali G52 MP6B
47PowerVR GT7600B
48PowerVR 7XTP-MT4B
49Mali T-880 MP12B
50Mali G76 MP4B
51Adreno 619B
52Adreno 619LB
53Adreno 618B
54Mali G57 MP2B
55Adreno 616B
56Adreno 615B
57Mali G52 MP2C
58PowerVR GXA6850C
59Adreno 430C
60PowerVR GM9446C
61Mali T-760 MP8C
62Mali G57 MP1C
63Mali G52 MP1C
65Mali T-880 MP4C
66Mali G68 MP2C
67Adreno 612C
68Adreno 610C
68Mali G72 MP3C
69Adreno 512C
70Adreno 510C
71Mali T-880 MP2C
72PowerVR GX6450C
73Adreno 420C
74Mali T760 MP6C
75Adreno 418C
76Mali G51 MP4C
77Adreno 509C
78PowerVR G6430C
79PowerVR GX6250C
80PowerVR G6400C
81Adreno 508C
82Adreno 330C
83Adreno 506D
84Mali T-628 MP6D
85Mali T-760 MP4D
86PowerVR SGX554MP4D
87Mali T-628 MP4D
88PowerVR GE8322D
89PowerVR IMG8322D
90Adreno 505D
91Adreno 504D
92Mali T-860 MP2D
93Mali T-830 MP3D
94Mali T-604 MP4D
95Nvidia GeForce Tegra 4D
96PowerVR G6200D
97Adreno 405D
98Mali T-830 MP2D
99PowerVR SGX543MP4D
100Mali T-624D
101Adreno 320E
102Mali T-760 MP2E
103PowerVR GE8320E
104PowerVR GE8300E
105PowerVR GE8100E
106Mali T-720 MP4E
107Mali 450 MP4E
108Mali T-830 MP1E
109PowerVR SGX543MP3E
110PowerVR SGX543MP2E
111PowerVR SGX545E
112PowerVR SGX544MP2E
113Mali T-720 MP2E
114PowerVR SGX544E
115Adreno 308E
116Adreno 306E
117Adreno 305E
118Adreno 304E
119Mali T-720F
120Vivante GC7000ULF
121Adreno 302F
122Adreno 225F
123Vivante GC4000F
124Mali 400 MP4F
125Nvidia GeForce ULP (Tegra 3)F
126Broadcom Videocore-IVF
127Adreno 220F
128Vivante GC1000+ Dual coreF
129Mali 400 MP2F
130Mali 400F

GPU manufacturers

The following companies make GPUs for mobile devices. They are:

  • Apple (Apple Bionic GPU)
  • Qualcomm (Adreno)
  • ARM (Mali GPU)
  • Imagination tech (PowerVR)
  • AMD (Xclipse)
  • Nvidia (Tegra)
  • Vivante
  • Videocore

The bottom three have been phased out of the mobile GPU market.

Apple and Adreno GPUs usually perform better than other GPUs. This is because the companies that make them ensures that games and apps are optimized for them.

Mali GPUs are the most GPUs in use today and also pack the most impressive hardware. However, optimization and heating issues tend to plague them and this limits their overall performance.

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GPU classes

I have ranked the GPUs into 6 classes: A, B, C, D, E and F.

A class GPUs are the best GPUs on the market. They can render any graphic or play any game. They are usually found on flagships.

B class GPUs are also very good and can render most games or apps but they’re a step below the A class. They are found on upper midrangers.

C class GPUs are good for many games but not all. They certainly won’t support games like Grid Autosports, NBA 2K or Fortnite. Leaving games at mid or low settings with GPUs like this will help their performance. You can find them on lower midrangers.

D class GPUs are mostly found on budget phones. They can support many games at mid or low settings but that’s it. They won’t play top tier games at all.

E class GPUs are not meant for anything other than casual gaming e.g. Temple run or subway surfers. Anything higher and you’re looking for trouble.

F class GPUs: It would be amazing if you can still find any of these in good working condition, never mind playing games.


All GPUs were ranked with the help of data from GFx bench, Notebook check and tech centurion.

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