MediaTek Dimensity 8300 (Full details and Specs)

MediaTek Dimensity 8300

MediaTek has announced a new SoC for smartphones. This one is known as the MediaTek Dimensity 8300.

The MediaTek Dimensity 8300 is a high-end processor from the stables of Taiwanese chip giant, MediaTek. It was announced in November of 2023 and it is the successor to the Dimensity 8200. This SoC has not been popular with smartphone manufacturers and can only be found on the Redmi K70E and may be featured on the upcoming Poco F6.

MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Specs

The key specifications of the Dimensity 8300 include:

  • CPU Cores:
    • 1x ARM Cortex A715 (3.35GHz)
    • 3x ARM Cortex A715 (3.20GHz)
    • 4x ARM Cortex A510 (2.20GHz)
  • GPU: ARM Mali G615 MP6
  • AnTuTu: 1,363,100
  • GeekBench: 1490 (single)/4788 (multi)
  • ISA: ARMv9.0
  • Fab: 4nm TSMC
  • RAM: LPDDR5X (4266MHz)
  • Storage: UFS 4.0
  • Camera: Up to 320MP (single camera)
  • ISP: MediaTek Imagiq 980
  • AI: MediaTek APU 780
  • Video Capture: 4K/60fps
  • Video Playback: 4K/60 fps
  • Display support: 2960 x 1440p
  • Modem: mmWave and Sub-6GHz, LTE, HSPA, 4.2 Gbps (upload), 7.9 Gbps (download), Bluetooth 5.4 LE, WiFi 6E.

CPU Performance

The Dimensity 8300 is an octa-core SoC and features a 1+3+4 DynamIQ CPU configuration. It includes four Cortex A715 CPU cores for tasks demanding high processing power and four Cortex A510 CPU cores for energy efficiency. This arrangement provides impressive flagship killer performance by crossing the 1 million point mark on AnTuTu. The Dimensity 8300 is better than its predecessor, the Dimensity 8200, and even outperforms former flagship processors like the Dimensity 9000+.

Other SoCs in a similar performance range as the Dimensity 8300 are:


In terms of graphics and gaming capabilities, the Dimensity 8300 comes with an ARM Mali G-615 MP6 GPU. While not considered the absolute best, it stands as a high-end Android GPU, ranking within the top 30 on the list of the top 100 smartphone GPUs. This indicates that the Mali G615 GPU can comfortably handle a wide range of games, performing well at mid to high settings with a high frame rate (FPS).

RAM and Storage support

This SoC has support for LPDDR5X RAM running at 4266MHz with a maximum capacity of 24GB. For storage, there’s support for UFS 4.0. These specs are plenty enough to give you a snappy and satisfactory experience.

Cameras and Video

The SoC supports cameras with resolutions up to 320MP. Moreover, the Dimensity 8300 can capture videos at a resolution of up to 4K with a smooth frame rate of 60fps. It comes with a MediaTek Imagiq 980 ISP and a MediaTek APU 780 dedicated to image and video processing.


The Dimensity 8300 is very well equipped with a wide range of connectivity options. This SoC has support for 3G, 4G (LTE Cat. 18), and 5G (Sub-6GHz and mmWave). It also supports WiFi 6E and Bluetooth 5.4 LE.

Battery life

This SoC is built on a 4nm TSMC process. As a result, you can have some assurance that the battery life and energy efficiency of this SoC should be quite good.


The Dimensity 8300 stands out as an impressive flagship killer System on a Chip (SoC). Although it doesn’t quite match up to the latest flagships, it outperforms notable names like the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, A14 Bionic, and the Exynos 2200. This level of power is more than sufficient for most users, and it comes with a respectable battery life as well.

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