With the eFootball Mobile set to undergo a big change soon, lots of people have been asking about the eFootball Mobile System requirements.

eFootball Mobile is one of the top games right now where android/iOS is concerned. As a result, the eFootball 2023 Mobile update is a big deal. Not just for me but for a host of other gamers as well.

Update: eFootball 2023 Mobile is now live and available to download on Google Playstore (Android) and Apple’s App store (iOS). For more details, click here.

This new update has brought with it a lot of questions from gamers. One question that has stood out is the system requirements required to run eFootball 2023 Mobile.

eFootball 2023 system requirements

On Konami’s website, it is clearly written that the game would run on any device with a minimum of:

  • Android 7.0
  • 2GB RAM
  • Quad core SoC
  • 1.5GHz clock speed
  • 3.3GB storage space

On the surface, these specs look fair but also really low. Besides, those who know how smartphone specs work will tell you that these specs are meaningless.


Talking about core counts or clock speed without tying them to actual real world SoCs would be an issue. After giving it a lot of thought, I began to doubt if devices with such specs can even play the game.

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My little experiment

So I got two entry level phones that met these requirements. One of them had a Mediatek MT6580A (Quad core) processor with 2GB RAM. The other one had a Snapdragon 425 (Quad core) processor with 2GB of RAM. Both phones had Android 9.0 software. I then tried to install and run the eFootball 2022 on them.

MT6580A specs

  • CPU: ARM Cortex A7 (Quad core)
  • GPU: ARM Mali 400MP2
  • Clock speed: 1.3GHz

Snapdragon 425 specs

  • CPU: ARM Cortex A53 (Quad core)
  • GPU: Adreno 300
  • Clock speed: 1.3GHz

Both phones failed to install the game despite meeting the minimum requirements.

I decided to up the ante and got another device with MediaTek Helio G25 (Octacore) processor with 2GB RAM. This device ran on Android 10. It also failed to play the game.

After eFootball 2023 came out, I decided to put phones running Helio G35, A25, A22, P35, Snapdragon 439, Snapdragon 625, Unisoc T610, Exynos 850 etc to the test. These all failed to install the game as well despite meeting the minimum requirements.

Outcome of experiment

eFootball is a 64-bit game, so only phones with 64-bit SoCs and 64-bit operating systems can run the game.

In addition to these, the 64-bit processors must be quite capable. This is because I have seen devices with Helio G70 (ARM Cortex A75 CPUs) struggle. If in doubt, I have a list of the top 100 smartphone SoCs. Anything below 99 on that list is a huge risk. The SoCs from 1 to 90 are all 64-bit SoCs.


To comfortably run this game, here are the actual specs that you need:

  • An SoC with four ARM Cortex A73 or two ARM Cortex A75 CPU cores.
  • 4GB RAM and above
  • Octa core SoC
  • Clock speed should be at or over 2GHz.
  • 5GB of storage space

So please note that Konami’s system requirements are misleading and a misrepresentation of what is needed to run such a huge game.


This is not 2018. Android has gotten heavier. This is also true for modern games. Quad core SoCs with A7 or A9 CPUs are not capable of handling the task. Quad core A53s with weak GPUs will also struggle greatly.

The least specs one should look are Octa core SoCs with 4 A73 CPUs and a decent GPU.

If you intend to game with your phone, ensure to look at the processor very closely before spending your money. This is very important.

This is why smartphone specs education is very very important.

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158 thoughts on “eFootball Mobile System requirements”
  1. Hello there, good morning, am planning to get the tecno spark 8c (3gb ram version). Can it run the efootball 2023?

      1. Why?? Spark 8c has unisoc t606, 2 cortex a75, which may not be an ideal but not so bad either. In fact it can give a tough competition to g70 and g80.

    1. You know lenovo tab e7 with 2gb ram and Android 7 can play efootball 2023 how ?? And can’t play on 3gb ram poco c3 why?

      1. Oh that’s easy. A smartphone/tablet’s power comes from it’s SoC, not it’s RAM.

        The Lenovo Tab E7 uses a MediaTek MT8167 which was made for tablets exclusively.It is also optimized to run 64-bit games like eFootball.

        The Poco C3 uses the Helio G35 which is:
        1. Not optimized for games
        2. Lacks a 64-bit OS

  2. Can some Redmi 11 series phone run the game. Pro has Helio g96 with 6/128gb will be on the edge i think. If not what device u should recommend (Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia, Motorola)?

    1. All Redmi *NOTE* 11 series devices can and will run the game very easily. These include Redmi Note 11(Snapdragon 680), Redmi Note 11S(Helio G96), Redmi Note 11 Pro(Helio G96), Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G(Snapdragon 695).

    1. Big no bro. That phone use Helio A22. If you check my list of “top 100 smartphone SoCs” (use the search box or Google it), you’ll see that A22 is very very low. It’s not strong enough for gaming.

    1. Exynos 7904 should be able to because it has two A73 CPU cores but the Exynos 7904 is old and it’s clocked really low at 1.8GHz.

      I think it’ll play it though but your phone must have at least 4GBs of RAM to successfully so so.

  3. bro I need a recommendation,
    a. unisoc t612 with 3GB ram
    b. unisoc t606 with 4GB ram
    which one I should go with to play efootball better?

      1. Actually, I’m in a huge dilemma as my budget is low. According to my budget, the best options I have are just these two. I really don’t know which one of these will play efootball better.

          1. not gonna use old device. These chipsets are above my budget. Though Tecno spark 7 pro with g80 is available but it released almost 2 years ago. I think I won’t get a good battery backup if I buy it.

          2. That would disqualify the T606 because it was made in November of 2019. It’s a dinosaur. The T612 is obviously the better option, the only ish is how well the game would run on 3GB.

            Also remember that Unisoc SoCs notoriously lack optimization for gaming.

        1. MediaTek Helio G25 will still be unable to run the game.

          I left a link to the top 100 SoCs in the world in the post. Scroll up and look for it. The G25 doesn’t even make the top 100. Too low.

          Aim higher.

    1. My mom’s vivo y12s has p35, I saw efootball was installable in it. But most likely it would struggle. P35 is older cpu for efoobtall.

      1. Vivo Y12s, Vivo Y15C and Vivo Y15S are essentially the same phone. What separates the Y15S is that it doesn’t run the full version of Android. Instead, it runs Android Go. Android Go is a 32-bit OS and lacks the bandwidth to load and process eFootball.

        If not, with 4GB RAM, the P35 is capable of running eFootball at low settings fine.

    1. That would make you the exception, not the rule. One of the lucky few who is able to do so at medium to low settings.

      In the end, I would never encourage anyone to buy this as a new device for gaming. It’ll end in tears.

    1. Yes and yes. Although I’ll lean more towards the SG Note 10 because it is a flagship that can run the game at max graphics + 60fps. The SG A32 on the other hand uses a Helio G80 and will struggle from time to time.

  4. Vivo X7 plus have 5.1 version, 128 GB 4GB, 64bit Snapdragon
    A73 cortex it can play?? Help me J

    1. Vivo X70 plus uses Snapdragon 652 with an Octa-core (4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A72 & 4×1.4 GHz Cortex-A53) set up with an Adreno 510.

      If your phone has up to 4GB and the operating system kernel is 64-bit then it is very possible that the game should run.

    1. I think that the Samsung A04 might support the game due to the Helio P35 on board but the A04s might not due to the Exynos 850.

      There’s the issue of the Samsung Galaxy M13 5G that doesn’t support the game despite the fact that it use MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G processor. This is because Samsung used a 32-bit Android OS on the phone to disable it’s 64-bit capability. Personally I’d steer off Samsung’s low end phones.

  5. Hey Jeffrey. I think another best way to know your device if support efootball23 try to download from play store. It’s true??

    1. It’s sort of like medicine after death. The aim of being able to know if a phone supports eFootball is to check before buying, not after. So it’s true but it’s not very good.

      Imagine after buying, you find out that it doesn’t run eFootball, what do you do then?

      1. For there am try to say if you try to download efootball23 from playstore if your phone doesn’t support will be say “this app won’t work on your device” if your device support does not see short notice??

        1. I understand what you mean. If the device doesn’t support the game, then PlayStore would usually tell you so. Yes, but the idea is people want to know before buying, not after buying.

    1. To be very honest, I don’t know because I don’t know the processor or GPU inside that phone. It’s a cheap iphone clone and these clones usually use MT6580 which is useless for anything outside calls and SMS.

      I would strongly advise that you stay away from these phones.

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