eFootball 2023 mobile update

eFootball Mobile 2023 is already out. I downloaded the update last night and having gone through every nook and cranny of the app, here is everything you need to know.

eFootball 2022 had its good and bad parts, quite clearly. On one hand, the graphics and visuals were a lot better but the gameplay (which started well) was badly broken. Konami messed around with the game so badly that it was an exercise in frustration. Passes didn’t go where they were directed, matchup returned the ball to opponents and the AI script was something else.

A lot of people, including my humble self, were starting to wean themselves off the game so when the update was announced, I was not hyped for it at all.

eFootball 2023 Mobile

The update was slated for the 25th of August 2022 and Konami kept to the date which is highly unlike them, but as usual, they extended the maintenance for several hours and Admin apologized with a 10,000GP token.

System requirements

The download size is 2.7GB so you would require storage space over 5GB on your device to be safe. However, I downloaded it for 1.1GB on Playstore so lucky me 😁🤗

eFootball 2023 mobile is a 64-bit game based on the console version. They all use the Unreal Engine 5. As a result, any device that is not 64-bit capable will be unable to install the game, playing it is out of the question. Even if you were to download it off 3rd party sites like Apkpure or Redvl, it still won’t work.

You can check your phone’s SoC ISA (32 or 64-bit) by using a simple 3rd party software like DevCheck. I also have a list of the top 180 smartphone SoCs in use today. Anything below 90 is not suitable for eFootball. So you should be sure to always check specs before making a purchase.


The game feels faster now and boy oh boy, the latency is gone. In the previous version, stringing passes was a terrible affair as the game lagged. Players who were able to take advantage of this broken system excelled but the rest of us simply couldn’t put up with it.

The players are now more responsive and you can dribble with the cursor. Player switching is also on point and matchup works. The ball doesn’t ghost through players anymore. The keepers have a brain now. 10 matches and 1 game lost, I have to say that I am impressed.


The controls can now be adjusted and moved around the screen. They are also a lot more responsive.

For more see: eFootball Mobile controls


The UI has been reflected to display the new update. I cannot say that I like the cover page on this one but art is subjective. What is not my cup of tea could be someone else’s cup of coffee. The tabs have been increased to four. These are:

  • eFootball world (contains match modes)
  • Mission (contains tasks and rewards)
  • Shop (allows you to buy and spend virtual cash)
  • Extra (settings and whatnot)

Match types

The match types remain the same. Authentic mode for preset teams and Dream Team for custom build teams. In dream team mode you play Events, Leagues, Friend matches, and Online quick matches. In addition, you can play AI-controlled (or SIM) matches.

Player types

All player types remain the same although they are adding two new player types. These are Epic and Highlight cards.

Epic cards are simply the new catchphrase for legend cards while Highlight cards are the same thing for featured cards. So long as these are just cosmetic additions, I don’t see what the problem is. So far, I have been able to use my base custom-built Arsenal team to win 90% of all my matches.

Another very excellent addition is that you can now train players from the game plan, which is a very welcome feature.

Data carryover

All data from eFootball 2022 Mobile has been carried over to eFootball 2023. It is important to note that your existing players will not be updated to their current clubs or stats. You’ll have to purchase newer ones.


It would seem that Konami’s little experiment to get players to buy coins has failed horribly. Big cheers to the player base for sticking together on this one. The rewards are going to be much better this time around.

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