eFootball 2024 Mobile system requirements

eFootball 2024 (mobile) is officially open for business. I did a trial run run yesterday and there’s a lot of stuff to unpack here. However, I’m going to do my best to simplify them for you as much as possible. This is the eFootball 2024 Mobile system requirements post. Let’s get started.

Now a lot of people are still holding on to the PES mindset when it comes to smartphones. This is wrong or at the very least outdated thinking. Someone has even reached out to me, asking if their unsupported phones are now compatible with eFootball 2024 Mobile. The answer is no because eFootball 2024 is heavier than eFootball 2023.

Please, my friends, note that the eFootball of today is a completely different thing from the PES games of the past. I believe that a lot of the fault lies with Konami who have failed to communicate this to us, the player base.

Please note that eFootball is a console-level game that was shrunken (compressed) for mobiles (iOS and Android). It is designed to be a 64-bit game so that it can be able to do a lot of the things that it does. These include the new 360 control gameplay, character models, graphics, ball physics, player physics, behavior, etc.

A lot of the new things that can be found in eFootball Mobile 2024 would not have been possible in the old PES Mobile.

eFootball 2024 Mobile System Requirements

eFootball 2024 Mobile System Requirements for iOS

  • All devices running on iOS 13 should work fine, except for the iPhone 6S. Time to change that phone bro, it is been long overdue.

eFootball 2024 Mobile System Requirements for Android

If you want to play eFootball 2024 mobile, you are going to need a phone with the following specs:

For mid to low settings

For high settings

Graphics Settings

Graphics refers to how the game looks like. A higher graphics setting means the best-looking version of the game while a low graphic setting will give a poorer experience.

In eFootball, there are four graphics settings:

  • High
  • Standard
  • Mid
  • Low

You can find them at the start page by tapping that button at the bottom right-hand corner.

FPS (frames per second)

FPS refers to how fast (or smooth) the game feels when you play it. If you play at a high FPS setting, the game should feel fluid and smooth. However, if you play at a low FPS setting, the game will feel slow, jumpy, and choppy.

In eFootball, there are four FPS settings:

  • 60fps
  • 30fps
  • 20fps
  • 15fps

To get the best experience, you’ll want a phone that can at least play the game at 30fps. Anything lower would be frustrating.

How to know if a phone has a 64-bit Android OS

This is a very crucial part of choosing a phone. If your phone does not use a 64-bit Android OS then you might as well forget about playing eFootball.

Before buying a phone, please go online and check the specs. In the software category, if you see anything like Android Go or One UI core (for Samsung), run oh. Even if it is not stated there, but the phone uses an SoC between numbers 121 and 200 on this list, then please run from it as well.

If you already have the phone, download DevCheck, go system, and scroll down to the OS.

Read: What is an SoC?

How to know if an SoC can play eFootball

It is very simple really.

  • Step 1: Google the phone and check for the SoC
  • Step 2: Google the name of the SoC
  • Step 3: Check for it’s architecture

If you see ARM Cortex A53 or A55 CPU cores there, forget it. It is most likely not going to play eFootball. On the other hand, if you can find ARM Cortex A73, A75, and A76 CPU cores and above, you can be sure that these will work.

CPU cores on smartphone SoCs

SoCs with Cortex A53 and A55 CPU cores struggle with 64-bit Android and as a result, are limited to 32-bit OS. On the other hand, SoCs with Cortex A73 CPU cores and above are very capable of handling 64-bit OS and consequently, 64-bit games.


If you are serious about playing this game, then you should know the eFootball 2024 mobile requirements. This will save you from buying the wrong phone and avoiding a lot of headaches. As always, I am here for you. If you want to know more, feel free to ask me in the comments.

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