Recommended Specs for eFootball mobile

eFootball 2023 Mobile is one of the most sought after games right but it is important that you know the recommended specs for eFootball mobile.

eFootball mobile is one of the most popular games in the android and iOS space right now. However, a lot of people have been unable to play this game due to its heavy system requirements.

Recommended Specs for eFootball 2023 mobile

Here are my recommended specs for eFootball mobile. They are:


  • Phone: iPhone 6S and above
  • OS: iOS 13


Processor (SoC)

eFootball is a heavy 64-bit game that contains a lot of files. The game is around 3.5GB of data. This means that there’s going to be a lot of files and data for this processor (SoC) to work on. This is why you need a processor (SoC) with strong CPUs that can can process a lot of files well.

It’s for this reason, I will recommend an SoC that has either 4 Cortex A73 CPUs or 2 Cortex A75 CPUs. These CPUs should be running at least 2.0GHz to guarantee good processing speeds. These CPU combinations are the minimum that you should be looking at  on a phone if you want to enjoy your time on eFootball.

SoCs with these minimum specs include the Snapdragon 680, Snapdragon 685, Helio G88, Helio G85, Helio G80, Unisoc T618 etc. If you can afford it, then go for phones with much better SoCs like the Snapdragon 732G, Snapdragon 4 Gen 1, Helio G96, Exynos 1280 etc. These are SoCs with Cortex A76 and A78 CPUs.


The CPUs themselves do not work in isolation. For a CPU to process a game, it’ll need to load the game files into the RAM and process it from there. eFootball is a big game that needs about 3GB of RAM space to work. This means if you have a phone with less than 4GB RAM, the game wouldn’t run at all. If you can get a device with at least 4GB RAM then that’ll be more preferable. Getting a 6GB RAM device will give you even better performance.


eFootball mobile would not be able to work the way it does if it wasn’t a 64-bit game. That 64-bit size allows a lot of what goes in the game to happen. These include animations, game play, player individuality, cut scenes etc. As a result, phones with 32-bit operating systems will not be able to run this game. If you have a phone with a 32-bit OS, you should either forget about eFootball or buy a better device.

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