eFootball 2022 Mobile Update

If you logged into PES 2021 on Friday, I am sure that you must have seen the news about the eFootball 2022 Mobile update. In fact, it is probably one of the first things that you will see.

Konami put up the announcement on the app and left a link to their website. Like most people, I did go to their website and I saw a really lengthy post. Some of it was good, but the rest was not so good.

Update: eFootball Mobile 2023 is here, click here to find out.

eFootball 2022 Mobile Update

Spring 2022 is the scheduled date for the update, but in truth there is really no definite date. Spring 2022 is a very vague idea for a date. It could mean any time within the spring months, but it is also not beyond Konami to push the date forward.

Update: eFootball Mobile update is now live and available for download on Google Playstore (Android) and Apple’s App Store (iOS). For more details…

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System requirements for supported devices

System requirements for the update differ from device to device and from one platform to another.

On iOS, only devices that run iOS 13 would be supported. These include iPhone 6S and above, iPad Pro, iPad 5th gen and above, iPad Air 2 and above, iPad Mini 4 and above and the iPod touch (7th gen).

Anything older than 2015 probably won’t be able to run eFootball 2022.

On the Android side of things, the requirements to run the game are a minimum of:

  • OS: Android 7.0
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • CPU: Quad core
  • Speed: 1.5GHz
  • Storage space: At least 3.3GB

These specs may seem basic, and they are. But…there are many devices with these specs that will struggle to play the game. My advice, don’t use a potato to play PES.

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Now I have a whole list of the top 200 smartphone processors. If you really want to game with your phone, anything below 130 should be an absolute no.

Some gamers have complained about these system requirements being too low for the game. The fear is that Konami may be downgrading the game’s graphics to accommodate more players.

This is not true. Most games nowadays have scalable graphics. How these graphics play will depends on the capability of your phone’s SoC. High end phones will get high graphics and 60fps. Midrange phones will get mid graphics and 30fps and low end phones should get low graphics and 30fps.

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For the first time ever, both the console and mobile version (Android and iOS) are using the same game engine. This also suggests that mobile and console players could be sharing servers.

eFootball 2022 Mobile Update

The reason for this suggestion could be due to the fact that the eFootball 2022 update supports cross-platform play between mobiles and consoles. This means that android and iOS players can battle each other or against console players (Playstation and Xbox).

Inorder to level the playing field, the eFootball Mobile update should bring controller 🎮 support for Android and iOS.

Controller support for eFootball 2022 Mobile Update

Match Types

There are going to be four match types in the eFootball 2022 mobile update. There are tour, challenge, online quick match and online match lobby.

The online match lobby is the cross-platform lobby. It is not going to be available at launch and will not be open to everyone. I am presumably guessing that entry and budget level android users may not be welcome into the lobby.

Player types

This may come as shocking news, but Iconic Moments are going away. Vanity upon vanities. The four player types available are:

  • Standard player
  • Trending player
  • Featured player
  • Legendary player

The standard player is the basic white, bronze, silver, gold or black ball player.

The trending player is a player that is currently trending. Trending card players are those players who have done well recently in real life. Trending players cannot be trained because they are already maxed out.

Featured and Legendary players still remain as the highest rated players in the game. Apart from the trending cards, all other player types can be trained.

The gambling mechanics that bedeviled PES Mobile will be removed in eFootball 2022. Players will be allowed to pick a player of their choice. The old three player trading system will also be removed.

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Data Carryover

This section covers how your current data in PES 2021 will be carried over to eFootball 2022.

The following data are not going to be carried over to eFootball 2022. You will have to reset them. These include:

  • usernames
  • base team/squad info
  • records
  • achievements
  • settings
  • achievements
  • login bonuses
  • item effects (skill, position boosters, management skill)
  • Friends etc.

The following items will be carried over into eFootball 2022

  • country/region/date of birth settings
  • MyClub coins (now eFootball coins)
  • GP currency
  • eFootball points

Players will also be carried over but IMs would no longer exist.

  • Base – Standard
  • Featured – Standard
  • Carryover – GP
  • Legends – Legendary
  • Iconic moments – Legendary

Base and featured cards will be carried over as standard players. IMs and Legends will be carried over as new legendary cards. Carryover cards from last year will be converted into GP.

Agents and trainers will not be carried over, but will be converted into GP. The same thing can be said about some managers, scouts, uniforms, themes and contract tickets. Things like position boosters, skill tokens and management skills are also not going to be carried over.

Please leave a comment if you have any difficulty and remember to:

106 thoughts on “eFootball 2022 Mobile Update

          1. Why are Tecno products not supported? The requirements are complete, but it won’t still download, why?

      1. I have tried to download the update on redmi 9a 2gb ram 32gb tom 2gig processor android 10 even though it meets the requirements but it still says incompatible so I tried collecting it from my friend the obb entered but the APK won’t install pls wat can I do

          1. So wat can I do or can u recommend a phone I can use that is redmi maybe I would do swap and also does it mean it would never work

          2. Pls can u give me ur WhatsApp number so we can chat better so I can ask what to do better pls

        1. MT6739, Quad core processor from 2017/18. No. It won’t play the game. The A53 CPUs can give it a good shot but that PowerVR GE8100 GPU is just too poor.

          If you can afford it, look for a phone with a better processor please.

  1. My phone is spark 5 air 2Gb ram 2.Ghz quad core processor I believe it should do even when I update my phone..and I hope they do give us the master league other than the four match type they announced here

    1. Absolutely. But only if you play at mid-settings tho. The Mediatek Helio G70 processor on the Hot 10 is starting to grow old.

      Mid settings is fine. High settings and you may experience some glitches.

    1. I really doubt it. It might be able to but the MT6737 processor is old and that 2GB RAM as well as the Mali T720 GPU may not be able to support the game.

      For what it’s worth, you should give it a try. It can install the game. Playing it is another matter entirely.

  2. Will realme c20 can play Efootball 22?
    It has octa core processor 2.3ghz and helio g35, please tell me sir?

  3. Am using huawei y5 2019 AMN-LX9 its keeps on sayimg not campatibable….. Whats the problem?? 😭😭

    1. The better question would be, what is the name of the processor in the Tecno Spark 8c?

      Because Tecno are obviously hiding it. That alone should be a huge red flag.

  4. Y is my infinix smart five not being allowed to install the game even though it fulfills all the requirements 🥺🥺…. I’m getting frustrated

    1. Check if your device is 32 or 64-bit capable.

      Do this by downloading an app called DevCheck and going to the system tab. Scrolling down to instructions set and check if it’s 32 or 64 bit.

      32 bit means that the game won’t play on your phone. 64 bit means that it should. Good luck.

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