eFootball 2022 is now on Playstore/App store

The long awaited and highly anticipated eFootball 2022 in now on Playstore/app store.

After keeping players waiting for almost two years, eFootball 2022 is now on Playstore/App store. Android users as usual should hit the Google Playstore and iOS users should visit the App store.

The game however is undergoing maintenance and won’t be open till June 2nd. Assuming that Konami keeps to the date and time of the scheduled opening.

App size

The size of the game is 2.65GB on Playstore and 3.64GB on the App store. As usual, before updating, ensure that you have lots of free space on your device. This should make it easier to install the game as well as avoiding the issues that come with low space.

(image credits: @Cosminion on Reddit)

Players may also need to reserve space to download additional commentary data.

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What to expect

The new update should come with new image icons, new UI and new graphics settings.

New UI

eFootball 2022 takes up the new blue and yellow colours for the user interface (UI). These colours are in line with Konami’s new branding for eFootball.

New graphics settings

In addition to the usual high, standard and low settings; Konami has added a new “lowest setting” mode.

This is presumably to help gamers with entry level phones play the game.

New controls

Konami has also added a set of new controls to the game. It calls them stunning moves. These include stunning passes, stunning crosses and stunning shots.

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Player types

There will be 4 new player types. These are standard, featured, trending and legendary players. Iconic moments have been discontinued and will no longer be available.

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System requirements

Forget about what Konami have put up on their website. If you want to enjoy eFootball then anything less than a Helio P35 will struggle. Let’s be honest here, playing eFootball on low or lowest settings is not fun at all.

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Further news

During a recent interview with Mr Kimura, the brain behind the eFootball rebrand, here’s what he had to say:

  1. Cross platform gameplay is not going to be available at launch and there’s no set date for when it will be.
  2. Mobile controller support is not going to be available till 2023.
  3. Master league is also not going to be available till Spring 2023 and it is going to be a paid DLC.

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