eFootball 2022 Mobile has been out for over a week now. I have had enough time to go through the game as well play a few matches. So, in the post we’re going to be looking at eFootball 2022 mobile first impressions.

On this eFootball 2022 mobile first impressions post, we are going to look at the new UI, game modes, gameplay and other new aspects of the game.

eFootball 2022 Mobile first impressions

The user interface

The new UI is definitely one of the first things that you’ll see as soon as you jump into the game. It utilizes a blue and yellow color scheme for the background. It is divided into three parts: eFootball world, shop and extras.

The eFootball world contains all the game modes, team selection, players, contracts etc. The shop is used for buying coins or exchanging eFootball points while the extras contains user info, settings, commentary etc.

It was very confusing at first and overwhelming but I soon got used to it after some time.

Game modes

There are two main game modes here. These are Authentic Team and Dream team.


Authentic team is basically preset exhibition mode. Where you pick a ream that corresponds to its real life counterpart and just play an exhibition match.

Dream team on the other hand refers to all the competitions that you can play using the team that you have built with players that you own. There are three main modes in the Dream team: events, eFootball league and online quick match.

This is mostly where you’d find me lol. I love the events and I have made it to Division 6 in the eFootball league.

The gameplay

The new gameplay is slowed down to reflect the new realism that eFootball is portraying. Everything is slower. The arcade style of PES 2021 has been replaced with a more methodical play style that feels almost console like.

The AI is also much smarter, I have had my ass handed to me by the AI on legendary and Superstar mode. My level right now is top player and AS Roma still beat me regardless. I’ll get better I guess.


For offense, it is a lot easier to attack than to defend in this game. That’s the first thing you’ll notice. Pressing from the front with G. Zeitzler 4-3-3 quick counter does wonders. That being said, I prefer L. Roman or M. Arteta’s possession style football. The players do make very smart runs if you play the right passes.

For shooting tho, stunning shot for the most part is the way to go. Regular shots and finesse shots seems to have been weakened. I keep hitting the bar with finesse shots which is really annoying.


This is where I have an axe to grind with the game. Defending seems broken and you have do everything manually. Simply spamming the “press” button doesn’t work anymore. All it does is make your defenders jog after the opposing strikers.

What actually works to a large extent is the match-up style of defending. Do not execute the double press for any reason, never do it. Your opponent will completely destroy you as your defence will fall open.

Learn how to match up defence as though your life depended on it. That being said, matchup can be beaten by smart passing and since you can only control one defender at a time. The auto-switching function is useless and manual player switching is not any better. I have conceded needless goals because the player switch function failed to work when I desperately needed it to.


See: eFootball Mobile new controls


The control are the same from last year with added functionality, but with the new gameplay, you’ll have to start over. The issue I had was trying to play eFootball 22 as though it was PES 21. I got my ass beat badly. So i have decide to relearn it afresh and it has worked wonders.

My only issue with the controls is that I cannot assign the press function to different buttons, but that’s alright. I’ll get used to it.

Acquiring players/managers

Getting players and managers are a lot easier in eFootball 22, a whole lot easier. I no longer need a box draw to get players. I just go to the store and buy them. The same thing can also be said for managers as well. I just go and buy them as well.

Sadly, the stupid coin cash grab box draws are still present in the game. These ones seem to pack the best players which would cause people to throw money at it.

In terms of ability, the gap between featured, legend, trending and standard players have been greatly reduced. So much so that I am no longer interested box draw players. My very decent Arsenal team has gotten me to Division 7.

Team building and player training

This is a lot harder to do now. In the old days, you could simply let players train progressively by using them in a lot of matches. Now, it is a whole new kettle of fish. Using players in games only gives them experience points. You need to use trainers to convert those experience points into progression points.

Using progression points is tricky as it is an irreversible process. It is important that you use progression points for play style first before using them for stats. Stats for players are not important. A player’s affinity for a certain play style will determine how well he will play.

Players that are well trained with progression points for possession play style will do well with a coach that likes possession based football. The same is also true for managers with other play styles. To play well, ensure that the team has at least 90 team play style level.

The player selection menu is horrendous. Sorting players is hell.

See: eFootball 2022 Mobile update


Contracts are now time based instead of match based. All standard players have a contract duration of 1 year (365 days). The carryover legendary players have none. Contract tickets are worth 25,000 eFootball points and are only durable for 2 months or 60 days.

In order to ameliorate this issue, Konami gave out about 25 contracts per person. I’ll advise that you use them wisely because winter is coming.

The game plan by Konami from my vantage point is to discourage the use of old legendary players, forcing players to discard them for new ones. This is because new legendary players all have 1 years contracts automatically. Very sly Konami, very sly.


In conclusion, I like the game and I think it is a challenge to rewire my old muscle memory and adapt to the new gameplay. This game comes with a lot of new animations which I really like, especially the last minute goal celebration.

But, the defending is horrible and the poor player switching is very very annoying. I hope someone does something about that very quickly. The contract situation with our old IMs is also really bad as well and the lack of contract tickets makes it worse.

Overall, I’d give the game a B.

With that we have come to the end of this post on eFootball 2022 mobile first impressions.

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