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MediaTek are looking to rebrand their SoCs

As the topic states, indeed MediaTek are looking to rebrand their SoCs. What are they rebranding to? Well to the Dimensity name of course.

MediaTek are one of the largest chipset manufacturers in the world. They are also a big time player when it comes to smartphones, especially Androids. After stumbling and failing with the ill-fated Helio X series, they regained prominence with the Helio G and Dimensity series.

The Dimensity series are designed to be high end. Most of the company’s flagship and upper midrange SoCs carry the Dimensity tag. More recently, there seems to have been a change in the company’s mindset. It would seem that MediaTek wants to port all of it’s offerings, including the lower midrange and entry level SoCs to the Dimensity line. This is to make them appear more premium. The question now is why? Let’s answer this question by looking at MediaTek’s origins.

Origin story

MediaTek originally began with low end entry level SoCs. These SoCs made their way onto a lot of low end entry level phones. Infact, it can be said MediaTek birthed the start of a lot of smartphone companies.

However, the phones carrying these SoCs usually performed poorly, heated up and were generally seen as cheap and unreliable. To compound this issue, MediaTek’s attempt to break out of the entry level market into the high end market with the ill fated and ill advised Helio X series was a hot failure. Literally and figuratively.

However, after the failure with the Helio X series, they picked themselves up and introduced the new Helio G series. Xiaomi picked up the Helio G90T for the Redmi Note 8 Pro which turned out to be a huge success and the rest is history. The Helio G series thrived with the G25, G35, G37, G70, G80, G85, G88,  G90T, G95 and G96 becoming staples of the midrange and entry level market.

Birth of the Dimensity

This success prompted MediaTek to have another go at the upper-end market. With the Helio name still attached to the failed X series, a new name was needed and thus the Dimensity series was born. Free of the burden of failure carried by the its Helio siblings, the Dimensity series thrived. Thus SoCs like the Dimensity 700, 920, 1000, 1200, 9000 and more recently the 9200 have become the darlings of smartphone makers.

The Dimensity line has completely whitewashed MediaTek’s image from that struggling entry-level chipset maker to a bonafide SoC giant. Even amongst the common people, the Dimensity line is seen as something premium and separate from the Helio G series line. I have had someone argue me down than that the Dimensity 700 is better than the Helio G99 in terms of performance, except that the opposite was actually the case. The G99 had the better CPU performance but it lacked the Dimensity name.

MediaTek are looking to rebrand their SoCs

Thus it would make sense that MediaTek are looking to rebrand their SoCs to the Dimensity line. This would in theory, get rid of the ghosts of their past.

For their rebrand they seem to have followed the Qualcomm Snapdragon model. There are currently 6 tiers:

  1. Dimensity 9000 series (Flagship)
  2. Dimensity 8000 series (Flagship killer)
  3. Dimensity 7000 series (upper midrange)
  4. Dimensity 6000 series (lower midrange)
  5. Dimensity 1000 series (Flagship killer)
  6. Dimensity >1000 series (upper midrange)

Dimensity 9000 series

There are 2 SoCs in these category and they’re currently amongst the best in the world. These are the Dimensity 9000 and Dimensity 9200.

Dimensity 8000 series

The 8000 series SoCs slot just under the 9000 series SoC and fall into the flagship killer grade. The three SoCs here which are the Dimensity 8000, 8100 and 8200.

Dimensity 7000 series

The 7000 series is a new addition to the Dimensity line up. It occupies the upper midrange segment and all SoCs from this line should service upper midrange phones. There’s only one SoC here and that’s the Dimensity 7100.

Dimensity 6000 series

Just like the 7000 series, the 6000 series is also a new addition. SoCs from this section are meant for the lower midrange market. There’s only one SoC here and that’s the MediaTek Dimensity 6020.

Dimensity 1000 series

The Dimensity 1000 series is the oldest line up here and has seemingly been discontinued. For a long time, this line was the premium MediaTek line but now the Dimensity 9000 series has taken over. The SoCs here are the Dimensity 1300, Dimensity 1200, 1100, 1000+, 1080, 1000 and 1000L.

Dimensity sub-1000 series

These are the more popular Dimensity SoCs that are in circulation today. You can find them on most phones around. These include the Dimensity 930, 920, 820, 810, 800, 800U, 720 and the 700.

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