eFootball 2023 Season 4 update (v.2.5.0)

The eFootball 2023 season 4 update is now live and there are several stuff that users need to unpack. These include new additional features and as well as bug fixes. So far so good, there doesn’t seem to be any new game play elements.

For those who want to play eFootball, this post here (why eFootball doesn’t work on your phone) may help you understand why it doesn’t. To know the recommended specifications, please check out recommended specs for eFootball.

eFootball 2023 Season 4 update

Additional features

  • Skill training is now available. You can use skill training to add a maximum of 5 random skills to players. You cannot train a player have a skill that he already owns (duplicate skill). If this happens, the skill item used to train the player would be wasted. This is a lesson that I learnt the hard way whilst trying to train my Odegaard. You should ensure to use skills that enhances your player’s playstyle.
  • You can now use Legacy transfer. Legacy transfer is a tool that can be used to transfer experience points (XP) and skills from one player to another. This is actually very thoughtful from Konami as a lot of our players are running out of contracts. This way we can salvage the experience points from old players and hand them over to new players.
  • Players OVR (overall ratings) can now exceed 100 so expect to see 102 Mbappes and Rashfords very soon.
  • Player slots can now be gradually expanded from 500 to a maximum of 900.
  • The attack and defence awareness levels can now be adjusted for teams in game. This way if you are desperately holding on to a 1-0 lead, you can switch to a 5-2-2-1 and dig in.
  • The authentic (default) teams in trial and friend match modes have been updated.
  • Several other data such as team data, player data, managers, strips, boots, club and league logos, commentary etc have been updated.

How to do a legacy transfer

  1. Select a player that you’ll like to transfer XP points and skills to. Note that Legacy transfer only works on untrained players or players with space for XP and skills.
  2. Enter the player menu and choose the Legacy transfer mode.
  3. Select the player that you want to relieve of their experience points i.e. the player that you want to take experience points from.
  4. Hit the confirm button and pay the required GP.
  5. Experience points will be transfered to the new or untrained player. Train the them as you please. The guy you took experience points from will be deleted from the game.

How to add skills

  1. Choose a player and enter his menu.
  2. Click on skill training.
  3. Click on “+ new plater skill” and they will randomly be assigned a new player skill.
  4. This process costs skill tokens and if you randomly pull a duplicate token, that skill token will be gone for good.

Other stuff

eFootball’s update notes also come with flurry of adjustments and bug fixes, especially to the defence aspect. Defending and player switching for the last few weeks have been horrible. This update promises to fix some of that. From the notifications sent to players, these include:

  • Fixed scenarios where in 1v1 situations, the defender unnaturally falls and lets the attacker through on goal.
  • Fixed the bug where as soon as you dispossess an attacker, they react unnaturally fast to win the ball back.
  • Fixed the issue where defenders ignore balls into the box or react late after the ball has passed.
  • Fixed the issue where players running for a through stop suddenly or turn around.
  • Fixed the issue where through balls just keep running away and out of touch.

These are just a few, you may need to read the whole thing, in game, from from your notifications menu.

There’s also a few new animations and some shiny cards thrown into the mix. The ability to quickly adjust attacking or defensive mentality is also a huge boon for me.

Thank you for reading to the end. As always, ensure to check out our links for more information and…

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