Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile System Requirements

Call of Duty Warzone is an intense first-person shooter game that has been on consoles and PC for a very long time. Now Infinity Ward and Activision are bringing the thrill of the Warzone experience to Android. However, before you try to download this game, you have to be sure that your phone meets the Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile system requirements. These requirements are very much needed to ensure a smooth and explosive gameplay experience.

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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Requirements

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile System Requirements are the specs that a smartphone needs to run the game smoothly. They’re mostly divided into 2. These are the minimum requirements and the recommended requirements.

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements are the lowest specs needed to play the game at the expense of good graphics and FPS. The minimum requirements for Warzone Mobile are:


  • Version: iOS 16 and above (excluding iPhone 8)
  • SoC: Apple A12 Bionic
  • RAM: At least 3 GB


Recommended requirements

The recommended requirements are those specs that are needed to play the game well without having to sacrifice the quality of the graphics or FPS. These include:




Warzone Mobile’s reception in the smartphone space has been mixed because the game is largely unoptimized for smartphones. There have been reports of really high end phones struggling to handle this game despite surpassing the recommended specifications. I myself, have had to strap a phone cooler to the back of my device (Poco F5) to keep it from heating up.

The developers have sent several updates to try to optimize the game for Android so fingers are still crossed and the jury is still out there.


Here are some tips to maximize your gameplay experience regardless of your phone’s specs:

  • Limit frame rates: Limit frame rate to 60fps to reduce strain on your phone.
  • Adjust graphics settings: Lower graphics settings to mid to improve your gaming experience.
  • Disable background downloads: Prevent the game from downloading high-resolution elements while actively playing.
  • Invest in a phone cooler: A low-cost phone cooler can significantly improve performance and prevent overheating. It is literally a game changer.

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile


Call of Duty Warzone Mobile brings the iconic battle royale experience to smartphones. However, you should make sure that your phone meets the minimum requirements, and be prepared to potentially adjust settings for optimal performance. With some optimization tweaks and a little thermal management, you should be ready to compete in the Warzone.

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