240W Super VOOC Flash Charge

VOOC or Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging is a proprietary Fast Charge technology owned by BBK electronics. Its latest version, the 240W Super VOOC Flash Charge is one of fastest charging tech in the world.

VOOC belongs to BBK and has been licensed to all its daughter companies. VOOC has been licensed to the BBK daughter companies as follows:

  • Oppo – VOOC, Super VOOC
  • Realme – Dart charge
  • One Plus – Dash charge, Warp Charge, Super VOOC


Super VOOC has gone through several iterations to reach it’s current state.

  • VOOC 2.0 – 20W (5V/4A)
  • VOOC 3.0 – 25W (5V/5A)
  • VOOC 4.0 – 30W (5V/6A)
  • Super VOOC – 50W (10V/5A)
  • Super VOOC 2.0 – 125W (20V/6.25A)
  • 150W Super VOOC – 150W (20V/7.5A)
  • 240W Super VOOC Flash Charge – 240W (24V/10A)

240W Super VOOC Flash Charge

How 240W Super VOOC Flash Charge works

The Super VOOC Flash Charge is a fast charge technology that promises to top up a smartphone’s battery under 10 minutes.

Unlike other fast charge technologies, Super VOOC Flash Charge heavily relies on higher current. Other fast charge tech rely on higher voltage levels.

Just like Xiaomi’s 120W HyperCharge, Super VOOC Flash Charge splits the battery into three cells. Each cell has its own separate charge pump which are all supplied by the charger.

Generally, this Flash Charge works using a 24V/10A GaN charger.  However, the Realme version uses a 20V/10A GaN charger and relies on a proprietary 12A USB-C cable to make it work.

240W Super VOOC Flash Charge

This charging system can charge a battery from 0 – 100% in just about 8-9 mins (25°C).

As stated earlier in the article, VOOC charge relies on higher current levels than voltage levels. This method could lead to a battery heating as well as shorter battery lifespan, but Realme has stated that their batteries retain 80% of it’s capacity after 1600 cycles.

This is similar to what Xiaomi and Infinix have also said. This is to allay fears about fast charge destroying a phone’s battery capacity. However, only time will tell if these claims are true.

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