Infinix 260W All Round Fast Charge

The Infinix 260W All Round Fast Charge has been announced. It is going to put Infinix up there with the likes of Realme and Xiaomi when Fast Charge technologies is being discussed.

The Infinix 260W All Round Fast Charge is a fast charge system developed by Infinix mobility. It promises top up a 4400mAh battery in 8 minutes.

Infinix was not known for their fast charge technology. In fact, up until recently, the best they could offer with their midrange phones was 33W and 45W fast charging.

Then from out of nowhere, they debuted a 120W HyperCharge phone. They soon followed it up with 160W fast charge and now they have announced the Infinix 260W All Round Fast Charge. This puts them second behind Xiaomi’s 300W and just ahead of Realme’s 240W. This 260W fast charge has put Infinix on the map and firmly in the conversation when cutting edge Fast Charge technologies are being discussed.

How Infinix 260W All Round Fast Charge works

This charging system is heavily relies on a proprietary 20V GaN charger which is compatible with PD 3.0 and a 13A USB-C cable.

The battery is a single 12C battery. The C-rating is a metric used to measure the speed at which a battery is fully charged or discharged. The higher the number, the better.

The battery is supplied by 4 charge pumps  (Infinix Super Charge Pump). These charge pumps deliver 160W to the battery with a charge efficiency of 98.5%.

The supplied proprietary 20V GaN charger and 13A cable supplies 260W power to the charge pumps. The charge pumps in turn supplies the batteries. Whilst you could use any 260W or 20V capable GaN charger, you have to use an Infinix branded 13A capable.

This 260W charging system can fast charge a 4,400mAh battery from 0 to 100% in 8 minutes (in 25°C temperatures). Charging a battery this fast could spell doom for it. This is because the fast-charging causes a battery to quickly lose its capacity and reduce its lifespan (charge cycles).

Infinix has tried to assure prospective customers that this would not be the case. They claim that their batteries will still have 90% of their original capacity after 1000 charge cycles. However, independent tests are yet to be carried out to test the veracity of that claim. At this point, I’ll take it with a pinch of salt.

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