Battery life

Battery life is very important to a lot of smartphone users. It is very important, period. This is because we carry our phones around everywhere we go. Imagine your battery running down somewhere where there are no charging stations or worse, no electricity. This means that you are going to be carrying a dead phone around till you get home.

Battery life is one of the most discussed topics online as most users have knocked big brands like Apple and Samsung for producing phones with battery hungry components but using small capacity batteries to power them. This surely is a recipe for poor battery life on a smartphone.

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What is battery life?

Battery life can be defined as the amount of time that your device can survive on a single charge. Let us say for example, your phone is charged full by 8am in the morning. If you use your phone from 8am till 5pm in the evening before you have to charge it again, then you have a 9 hour battery life.

Battery life is measured in hours and only within a single charge. There are a lot of factors which can affect battery life. They include phone specs, battery capacity, individual usage pattern, external temperature, network reception etc.

Most people sometimes confuse battery life with battery lifespan. Battery lifespan is a related but different concept from battery life.

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What is battery lifespan?

Battery lifespan is the amount of time that your battery functions before it needs to be removed and replaced entirely. This means that if you bought a phone in 2018, and the battery can no longer hold a charge in 2021, the battery’s lifespan is 3 years.

Battery lifespan can be measured with time but it is neither accurate nor specific. The best method to do so is by using charge cycles.

A charge cycle simply means charging a battery up to greater than 95% and running it down to less than 5%. So anytime you charge a battery up to 100% and run it down, you just completed one charge cycle.

Modern lithium batteries have a lifespan of about 500 charge cycles before they burn out. 500 charge cycles translates roughly to about 2 years, give or take. This means the more intense your use, the faster you would run out of charge cycles and the quicker you’ll be needing a new battery.

Newer batteries now have up to 1500 charge cycles before they run out of cycles

What is important to note is, no matter what you do or how well you use your phone, your batteries are going to die eventually. It is only a matter of how long they last.

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