Top 10 smartphone brands in Africa (2022)

Africa is emerging as a new battlefront for smartphone companies to fight for supremacy. Here are the top 10 smartphone brands in Africa.

The competition for market shares is very stiff in the African market (Q1, 2022). Using data from Counterpoint, let’s see how brands are faring on the African market.

1st place: Samsung

Samsung lost about 1% of it’s market share but it is still number one on the African market.

2nd, 3rd and 4th place: Tecno, Infinix and Itel

Second, third and fourth are held by Transsion brands. Now despite what you may have seen or heard, Tecno and Infinix actually gained more market shares. This means that a lot more people are buying their devices, so their marketing strategies are probably paying off.

The weak link of Transsion is Itel who is currently bleeding customers like a tap.

If you listen to Transsion marketers read this chart, they’ll most likely lump are three companies together.

Now if they do so, Transsion will be the number 1 smartphone company in Africa.

But if you split them, they’ll be second, third and fourth respectively. Tecno and Infinix are doing quite well. Itel on the other hand is bleeding.

Olamide will not save them.

5th place: Xiaomi

Fifth place goes to Xiaomi who dropped 0.5% of their market share. Doesn’t seem like a lot tho, but it may be motivated by concerns about the Redmi 9T/Poco M3 deadboot issues.

Company needs to sit up.

See: Redmi Note 11 series

6th place: Oppo

In sixth place, we have Oppo. They seem to have dialled back on their heavy and expensive advertising. It hasn’t seemed to pay dividends.

They actually lost a lot more customers than Xiaomi did. 0.7%.

7th place: Apple

In seventh place, we’ve got Apple.

This is a good quarter for them as they actually managed to increase their market share. One would think that with crushing economic conditions, people would steer off Apple, but na lie.

That being said, I wonder why Apple’s market share is so small.

If you talk about Apple in public, the fierce mob that will tackle you ehn… you’ll think all of Nigeria uses Apple’s iPhones.

So why’s their market share so small?

See: Apple iPhone 13 series

8th place: Vivo

Finally in eight place we have Vivo. Vivo have been steadily declining since their sister brand, Oppo came to the market but they made a big comeback this quarter.

Their market share actually jumped from 2.7% to 4.2% which is impressive.

In a market heavily controlled by Transsion and Samsung, it is a huge feat.

Honourable mentions

Other companies that are currently active on the continent include Gionee and Umidigi. These round off the top 10 smartphone brands in Africa.

So that’s how brands are faring on the African market for now.

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