Redmi 12C full specs and price

There’s a new phone in town and it is the Redmi 12C.

The Redmi 12C is a budget phone that is designed to offer decent performance and cameras on a budget.

The Redmi 12c is the obvious successor to the Redmi 10C because Xiaomi are skipping the 11C. There’ll be no 11C.

Redmi 12C review: Just okay

So let us look at the Redmi 12C using the obvious key parameters.

  1. SoC
  2. Display
  3. Camera
  4. Battery
  5. Pricing.

Redmi 12C

Redmi 12C

The key specs are:

  1. MediaTek Helio G85
  2. 6.71″ 720p IPS LCD display with 500nits, 268ppi and 60Hz.
  3. 50MP Samsung JN1 + 0.08MP and 5MP selfie.
  4. 5000mAh + 10W (5V2A) charging
  5. Micro USB
  6. 85,000 Naira


This is the most important part of the phone. The Redmi 12C is powered by a lower midrange MediaTek Helio G85 from 2020. This SoC is the much faster version of the G80 and made it’s debut in 2020 on the Redmi Note 9.

This SoC is actually very decent sporting 2 powerful Cortex A75 CPUs and 6 Cortex A55 CPUs. It can play most games out there on medium or low settings (recommended).

The G85 is also good with social media too as well as app processing but it has one big weakness. It is built on a 12nm Samsung FinFet process and can get quite hot.

As soon as it heats up, it throttles and the performance falls off a cliff. With that being said, if you can keep your phone cool, you’ll enjoy this SoC.

Another weakness is that it has weak camera performance and relatively slow Network connectivity (Cat. 7).


On board here is a big 6.71″ 720p with an average 268ppi. (I already explained this one here guys). Display is 500nit and has a standard 60Hz refresh rate.


The main camera here is a 50MP Samsung JN1. The supporting cameras are a 0.08MP depth sensor which is useless and only good for specs padding and a 5MP selfie.

Redmi 12C

Don’t expect much. If you have seen the camera performance of the Redmi 10 (2022) then you’ve seen this one. So unless Xiaomi has some software tricks up their sleeves, don’t expect much.


The phone is powered by a solid 5,000mAh battery that only supports a slow charge of 10W. This means that you’ll need around 2 hours to fill this battery up.

Secondly, while the 720p display will go easy on the battery, the G85 won’t. So if you are a gamer or a heavy user, your battery life will be much shorter than those people with SD680 phones despite having the same battery.

Note: Despite the fact that there’s a USB C on the 10C, Xiaomi have reverted to the micro USB on this one in an obvious attempt to keep prices down.

Finally the pricing

In Nigerian Naira, it costs 85,000. Once upon a time, I’d scream bloody murder! But I think this is well priced.

In a world where many companies are selling Helio G25 phones with 13MP cameras for over 80K. This phone is a steal!

So if you cannot afford the Redmi 10C,this Redmi 12C is not a bad idea so long as you can put up with the phone’s shortcomings. If you have 15K extra, I’ll strongly advise that you get the Redmi 10C.

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