In this post, we are going to be looking at the KZ EDX vs QKZ AK6.

Both IEMs are entry level IEMs from Chinese manufacturers KZ and QKZ (no relation).

The KZ EDX is the successor to an obscure KZ ED9. It is the latest in a line of entry level IEMs that are prized for their sound output and versatility.

The QKZ AK6 is a cheap entry level IEM that offers mostly just bass. It has a heavy emphasis on bass output.

They are both made for the general public and as a result, they’re very affordable but the KZ EDX is the more popular option (at least where I live).

Since both IEMs are entry level, they both have one big dynamic driver each. The use of dynamic drivers makes them both output heavy bass audio and the marketing teams of both companies have rolled along with it.


Thus both IEMs are tagged bass champions or something to that effect. So, in the KZ EDX vs QKZ AK6 battle of the bass champions, which IEM will come out on top?



Unboxing the QKZ AK6 is a rather bland affair in my educated opinion. Whilst I like its simplicity and straight to the point nature, I very much prefer the unboxing of the KZ EDX.

On the QKZ AK6, all you get is a black plastic box with the IEMs folded into a poly bag. When unboxing the KZ EDX however, you would have a much more premium experience with each item having their own compartments.

From the unboxing of the KZ EDX, you can tell how much effort was put in by the product management team. It doesn’t feel like you’re unboxing an entry level IEM. It feels like a premium unboxing experience for a rather cheap IEM.

Building quality, looks and design

Both IEMs are well made and well moulded to fit in-ear. This helps them to achieve really good sound isolation.

When it comes to looks, I cannot honestly say which one looks better. They both look really good in my opinion but I do have one huge problem with the QKZ AK6. Its cables are fused to the IEM.

The KZ EDX on the other hand uses detachable cables. This means that you can replace the cables if they go bad with a new cable or you can go wireless with a Bluetooth cable. This is not possible with the QKZ AK6.

Ease of use

Both IEMs are simply plug and play but it feels like since KZ EDX cables are replaceable, it seems KZ put less effort into making them. They are really thin and tangle quite easily.

The QKZ AK6 cables on the other hand do not tangle as easily and looks a bit thicker and rather well made.

Whilst this is true, the KZ EDX gets props for its detachable cables, meaning that you can swap your default cables for better ones or even a Bluetooth adapter.

Sound/mic test


Please see the video above.


The KZ EDX is slightly more expensive, costing around $7.60 (or N3,500). The QKZ is slightly cheaper at $6.36 (or N2,900).


The KZ EDX is ever so slightly louder and offers a bit more punchy sound output than the QKZ AK6. The added fact that you can swap its cables is also a huge factor. KZ EDX for the win. If you are short on cash, the QKZ AK6 is not a bad option either but its lack of detachable cables is huge factor.

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