KZ EDX review

The KZ EDX is an entry-level IEM (in-ear monitor)from Chinese manufacturer KZ. If you are looking to give IEMs a try, entry-level IEMs are a good and cost-effective way to get started. This is where the KZ EDX excels at.


In the box, you’ll find the KZ EDX IEMs, the cables, and extra earbud tips.


Despite these being entry-level IEMs, the cables here are detachable and use 2 pin connectors. This is both a blessing and an issue. It is a blessing because if the cables go bad, you can easily swap them out for new ones or even upgrade to a Bluetooth cable. The issue is that you may lose one or both monitors if they are not securely plugged in. They mostly fall off when you least expect them to. This is a lesson that I learned the hard way.

The cables contain a mic and a single multifunctional button.

The IEM itself, just like the QKZ AK6 and other entry-level IEMs, has a single-firing 10mm dynamic driver. This dynamic driver provides heavy bass audio.

The KZ EDX monitors are well-molded for general use and offer really good sound isolation (passive noise cancellation).

KZ EDX Specs

  • Speaker: 1 Dynamic Driver
  • Size: 10mm
  • Frequency: 7Hz to 20KHz
  • Cable: 1.2m, detachable, mic


When you get these out of the box, you are going to set them up before use. Simply locate the right-sided plug/connector and plug it into the right ear monitor. Get the left-sided plug/connector and plug it into the left ear monitor. Whilst plugging them, ensure that your connection is very secure so they don’t fall off.


The KZ EDX offers a very balanced sound that is also quite clean. This is quite impressive when you consider how affordable these things are or how much they cost.

When you put them on, the sound you hear should be very detailed and rich. This IEM is bass-heavy so you should spot the heavy bass right away. The bass doesn’t overwhelm the mids and the high tones like other IEMs. If you prefer more bass, however, you could use a music player with an equalizer to adjust the sound output.

They are also very comfortable to use and I did not suffer from hearing fatigue at all. The only issue I can pick with the KZ EDX is the way its 3.5mm plug is designed. I find it rather uncomfortable as it interferes with my fingers when I’m trying to play games.


Having used this for well over a month, I would gladly recommend this to anyone on a tight budget. These are a really good pair of IEMs and they’d be good for you.

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