ARM have announced new CPUs and GPUs (Cortex X3, A715, immortalis)

ARM have announced new CPUs and GPUs. These new CPUs and GPUs are an update to the existing ARMv9 lineup.

ARM holdings are a semiconductor company that makes CPU designs and architecture. These designs are then sold to SoC manufacturers who use the designs to make SoCs. ARM do not make any CPUs or SOCs themselves. They only make and sell these designs.

ARM usually releases or updates their CPU/GPU designs in different generations. We are currently in the 9th generation also known as ARMv9.

The ARMv9 lineup currently has 3 CPUs (Cortex X2, A710 and A510) and 4 GPUs (Mali G310, Mali G510, Mali G610 and Mali G710).

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The new CPUs

ARM have announced new CPUs and GPUs to add to the above line up. The new CPUs are the Cortex X3 and A715. The aforementioned A510 has also had a refresh as well.

Cortex X3

The Cortex X3 is a prime CPU core that is designed to the heavy lifting in a DynamIQ setup. This CPU is very powerful. In fact, ARM have said that it is 34% more powerful than a current gen Core i7.

It is the successor to last year’s Cortex X2 and would be used in flagship smartphones and laptop PCs.

Cortex A715

The Cortex A715 is successor to the Cortex A710. It should be used mainly as a big core for midrangers or as a prime core for flagship killers.

Cortex A510

This new Cortex A510 CPU is essentially the same as the old one with some performance boosts.

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The new GPUs

There are “three” new GPUs in this update. I used three in quotation marks because it basically is the same GPU with some stand out differences.

Immortalis GPU, ARM have announced new CPUs and GPUs

Immortalis – G715

The Immortalis – G715 is a 10 to 15 core GPU built with Valhall architecture. This is the first mobile GPU with hardware support for Ray Tracing. It also supports variable rate shading as well. This new GPU will take mobile gaming to a whole new level.

Mali G715 and Mali G610

These GPUs are basically the same as the Immortalis but without support for Ray Tracing. They both support Variable Rate Shading which is a plus. Mali G715 will have between 7 to 9 cores while the Mali G610 has 6 cores or less.


On flagship phones, we could see a DynamIQ 1+3+4 setup with one Cortex X3, three Cortex A715 and four Cortex A510. The Cortex X3 and Cortex A715 would handle the heavier tasks while the A510 will take care of the lesser tasks.

On Flagship killers and midrangers, a standard 4+4 big.LITTLE arrangement with four Cortex A715 and four A510 is very feasible. Then there is also a 2+6 big.LITTLE arrangement with two Cortex A715 and six A510. The A715 will handle the big tasks while the A510 should take care of the small tasks.

On the budget and entry level devices, we’ll be seeing octa core set ups of eight Cortex A510s all sharing the load.

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