ARM’s new CPU and GPU lineups

ARM’s new CPU and GPU lineups are ready. The company has announced the release of three new CPU cores and four new GPU cores. All of these are based on the latest ARMv9 architecture.

The CPU cores in ARM’s new CPU and GPU lineups are the Cortex X2, the Cortex A710, and Cortex A510. The GPUs are the Mali G310, Mali G510, Mali G610 and Mali G710.

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ARM’s new CPU cores

There are three new distinct CPU cores here: Cortex X2, A710 and A510. For this new generation, ARM has decided to drop the now outdated 32-bit architecture altogether. All CPU cores here are 64-bit ready.

Cortex X2

The first CPU core here is the Cortex X2. It is a prime core. It is the successor to last year’s Cortex X1. The Cortex X2 is a very powerful CPU core and it is also very expensive. It is designed to handle very heavy tasks but at the expense of battery life. You can expect to see it on laptops and high-end flagship phones.

Cortex A710

The second CPU core is the Cortex A710. It is the successor to the Cortex A78. This CPU is a big/performance core. It can do the same tasks as the X2, but it is less powerful.

Cortex A510

Finally, we have the Cortex A510. This is a small/power-efficient core. It is the successor to the Cortex A55. This CPU core is designed to handle small tasks that do not need much CPU power. It does not consume much power also. ARM has also promised that they will update the A5xx series more often. ARM has said that the A510 is as powerful as the A73 but uses less power.

On ARM-based laptops from 2022 and above, we should be expecting to see a 4+4 big.LITTLE setup with four Cortex X2 cores and four Cortex A710.

On flagship phones, we could see a DynamIQ 1+3+4 setup with one Cortex X2, three Cortex A710, and four Cortex A510. The Cortex X2 and 710 would handle the heavier tasks while the A510 would take care of the lesser tasks.

On Flagship killers and midrangers, a standard 4+4 is big.LITTLE arrangement with four Cortex A710 and four A510 is very feasible. Then there is also a 2+6 big.LITTLE arrangement with two Cortex A710 and six A510. The A710 will handle the big tasks while the A510 should take care of the small tasks.

On the budget and entry-level devices, we’ll be seeing octa-core setups of eight Cortex A510s all sharing the load.

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ARM’s new GPUs

There are four new Mali GPUs that will be available to SoC makers as well. They are the Mali G310, Mali G510, Mali G610 and Mali G710. Traditionally, Mediatek, Huawei (Kirin), Samsung (Exynos), and Unisoc have always used Mali GPUs so this should be good news to their ears.

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The Mali G710 is a flagship GPU and will be used for flagship SoCs. The Mali G610 is the same thing as the G710, but it has fewer shader cores and a slower clock speed. The G510 will make its debut on midrange SoCs while the G310 can be found on low-end SoCs.

These GPUs are all built using Vallhall architecture. ARM says that they have made a lot of tweaks to the GPUs especially in terms of machine learning and image/video output to improve their performance.

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