Movies of the Week #3 (Dystopia)

After a brief hiatus, Movies of the week is back with an all new flavour. This week, we shall have Movies of the Week #3 (Dystopia).

A dystopia is an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives due to totalitarianism. It is usually set in the far future where humans have become technologically advanced.

Some of these movies are a bit dated but they are huge classics and are well worth revisiting. I am also going to be throwing in some series into the mix as well so sit tight.

The reason I am going with a dystopian theme today is that it is starting to seem that these movies may damn well be right after all.

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Movies of the week #3 (Dystopia)


In the mid 22nd century, the richest people on Earth build a city in the sky and name it Elysium (or paradise). The poor are left on Earth which has turned into a slum and fight for the scraps. There is crime, poverty and disease. Elysium deals with politics, inequality, human pain and suffering.

The protagonist of the story is Max who after being exposed to deadly radiation is racing against time to get to Elysium.

In Time

In a future where people stop ageing after 25 and need to buy time to live, the rich become immortal while others cease to exist.

Will, (Justin Timberlake) finds a wealthy man who gives up all his time as he is tired of living. Will moves out of the ghetto and joins the elite but he soon finds out the elite is a closed circle. On top of that, he has to account for the amount of time that he now possesses so he goes on the run with the law after him.


After a failed attempt to reverse climate change, the Earth plunges into a catastrophic ice age and the rest of humanity has to take shelter on a train that circumnavigates the Earth. On the train, the elites live at the front in luxury and opulence whilst the rest of humanity struggle to survive at the back of the train. After a while, those at the back of the train decide to revolt.

The story deals with pain, suffering, inequality, betrayal, loyalty and bravery and is well worth the watch.

The Road

In a post apocalyptic world, a widowed man and his son has to survive against all the odds. Viggo Mortensen shows his fatherly side in this tragic sci-fi movie that is well worth seeing.

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The Hunger Games series

This series follows the adventures of a Katniss Everdeen who volunteers on behalf of her younger sister to partake in the hunger games. A tournament of survival in which the participants fight each other to the death.

She wins, becomes a national hero and takes part in a rebellion to end President Snow’s totalitarianism.

There are five movies in total in the series so strap in.

The Maze Runner series

When a deadly solar flare hits the Earth destroys civilization and turns people into zombies, a company known as WCKD traps young boys in mazes. It was an experiment designed to find a cure. That is until the protagonist Thomas, is sent into a maze and helps a group of boys escape.

There are many other escapes they will have to undertake before a final showdown with wicked. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Blade Runner 2049

Officer K (Ryan Gosling), a new blade runner for the Los Angeles Police Department, unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos.

Altered Carbon

This series is set in futuristic world where humans can no longer die and consciousness can be saved in stacks. The very wealthy were immortal and lived in the sky, away from the rest of humanity.

The story (season one) follows an ex soldier known as Takeshi Kovacs who tries to stop his sister from killing everyone he knows and uncovers a huge conspiracy in the process.

Altered Carbon deals with elitism, human inequality, immortality, wealth, power etc. and their effects on the human psyche. This one is one I’ll certainly recommend.

Honourable mentions

There are alot of interesting movies dealing with how our future (humanity) can plunge into disaster but we cannot go in depth into all of them. So honourable mentions go to: The Expanse, Edge of tomorrow, Wall-E, Black mirror, Love death and Robots etc.

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