Samsung users complain about Screen delamination on Z fold/flip phones

The users of Samsung Galaxy Z fold and Z flip phones have taken to Facebook to complain about screen delamination on their phones.Screen delamination on Samsung phones

Samsung Galaxy Z flip and Z fold (Credit: Wikipedia)

The Z fold and flip phones are both foldable phones. They are a throwback to the days when foldable mobile phones like the Motorola RAZR flip ruled the world.

To understand this issue, we need to know what screen delamination and foldable phones are, and the relationship between both.

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What is Screen Delamination?

Screen delamination is defined as damage to a screen caused by repeated stress.

It is usually categorized as a failure mode. A failure mode is the way in which a component of a device failed “functionally” on the component level. In this case, it is a mechanical design failure.

That would lead to the question, what kind of stress affects a Samsung Z fold or Z flip?

Foldable phones

Foldable phones are simply phones that can fold and open like a book for example.

They make use of very thin flexible OLED displays that can be bent or folded. This bending or folding can happen to the glass without fear of breaking the screen.

Foldable phones could open up to take the form of a tablet (Z Fold) or close into the form of a clamshell (Z Flip).

Other designs include the wraparound design (Huawei Mate X) and the tri-fold style.

How does Screen Delamination happen?

The screens of foldable phones have to be opened and folded most of the time.

This opening and folding movement puts stress on the glass and causes the layers of the screen to separate. This separation causes a mica-like surface to appear on your screen.

A lot of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold phones have suffered delamination, resulting in a bad looking screen and an unpleasant user experience.

Possible solutions

There is no solution to this problem unfortunately. The thing here to note is that foldable screen technology is still in its infancy. As a result, such technology will definitely have teething pains.

Taking the phone to a Samsung repair shop for a screen replacement, may temporarily fix the issue. But it always comes back after a while.


The first generation of foldable phones has been plagued with issues concerning not only their very high prices but also their durability.

Purchasing a phone for more than $1000 and having ugly lines appear on the screen is no fun. Especially for doing what a phone is supposed to do, which is folding and opening.

My advice is, hold off on buying these phones till the technology matures.

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