UFL by strikerz inc. is here to challenge PES and FIFA

Are you tired of the PES/FIFA duopoly? Do you want something else? Something new? Something different? Well your prayers have been answered. UFL by Strikerz Inc. is here.

UFL is a new free-to-play-football game by Strikerz Inc. The game is not only free to play but it is also fair to play. The fair to play tag looks like a shade at PES and FIFA and I like it. That alone has won me over to their camp and put them in my good books.

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In recent years, PES which I am a fan of, and FIFA have been anything but fair. Both game have mechanics such as loot boxes, player draws, DDA, momentum and scripting etc. These mechanics have forced many players to resort to underhanded tactics just to get ahead. This can especially be seen in online gameplay where players cheat by lagging, nulling, spamming long balls and back-passing the entire match etc. All in a bid to avoid losing.

Lagging in PES Mobile

UFL was announced at Gamescom 2021 opening night but all that is available now is a trailer. This means that the information about which platforms it will be available for, teams and gameplay are not available yet. The game for now is definitely a console game with support for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S. The guys at Strikers Inc. have urged players to be more patient as more information will be released accordingly.

UFL - Reveal Trailer | gamescom 2021

Eugene Nashilov who is the CEO of Strikers Inc. has explained that the game is powered by the Unreal Engine. He revealed that they have a FIFPro license and will have 5,000 licensed real world players in the game. He also stated that the game will be primarily online but an offline exhibition mode is going to be available.

The player stats in the game would be calculated based on data provided by InStat. In other words, there will be no overpowered players or special loot boxes for players.

All parts of the game will be made available and subsequently updated for free with no additional costs.

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To quote the company statement in a press release, “the game is designed to be a fair-to-play experience that implies a skill first approach and zero pay-to-win options.”

What do you think about UFL? Do you think that can actually match with such lofty promises?

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