eFootball PES 2022 update

Pro Evolution Soccer (or eFootball as it is now known) is a massive game that is over twenty five years of age. Every year, as is the custom, it releases a new game or season update. The latest eFootball PES 2022 update left more questions than answers.

As a result, Konami, a few days ago via their twitter handle @play_efootball tried to address some of these questions posed by fans who were eagerly awaiting further details.

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The eFootball PES 2022 update

The first on the list was the usual news that PC Steam and Console players will lose their MyClub squads from last season as well their online ratings. Mobile players would also lose their online ratings as well but will keep their squads.

eFootball PES 2022 update

They further stated that the game was built using the Unreal Engine for consoles primarily. But that eFootball 2022 is a platform for everyone to enjoy and have fun. This means that the game will take full advantage of of the hardware of each supported device.

What happens when PC/console and mobile players are matched?

Some players and YouTubers had earlier speculated that in cross-platform play between Console/PC vs mobile, the server could scale down game graphics for PC/console players. Konami says that this is false. Their reply was that the game will intelligently make graphical adjustments to mobile games during cross-platform play but PC/console quality will bot be downscaled.

What does graphical adjustments even mean? Are they upscaling or downscaling?

eFootball PES 2022 update

What if I don’t want to play against mobile players?

Konami have specified that filter options for cross-platform gameplay will be available. This should mean that PC/console players can choose not to play against mobile players and vice versa. This should be a good development for many console players who have complained about the inclusion of mobile players to cross-platform gameplay.

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How is the game going to look like when it launches?

The early Autumn launch is going to be a stripped down version of the game with a limited number of teams and modes. This means that when eFootball 2022 drops, all console/PC players are going to get is the exhibition (local match) mode against the AI and other players. This is basically how the mobile version looks like. They however did not state if it was going to be offline or online. Whilst local match on mobile is online, it has always been offline on PC so I am only assuming that it should stay that way.

So what is going to be available?

As earlier stated, the free-to-play game is only launching with the exhibition mode and a limited number of teams. There would be no edit mode or option file at launch, but they will be added later for free only on PC, PS and PS5 (sorry Xbox).

Master League mode will be available for download later on as a premium downloadable content. This means that players are going to have to pay for it. This same could also be said for other game modes such as Become a Legend. There is no word on if mobile players are going to have access to Master league.

Signing players for online squads

MyClub has a been a huge part of PES throughout the last decade and it has a very healthy following. One big question that has worried many players is how they are going sign in-game players to build their MyClub squads. Konami’s reply is that Special agents are no longer going to be available but players can acquire in-game players to build squads via the new Match pass system. I won’t miss those agents though.

The Match pass system is simply a system of rewards based on the amount of matches played. There are going to be two variants of the match pass system: free and paid. So those who use the paid match pass system will get a lot of perks that free match pass users may not have access too.


They have also promised to make more announcements soon in order to clear up grey areas for players.

You can read about it all on their twitter handle @play_efootball on Twitter. As someone who plays PES I have not gotten round to the new name yet, this is big let down. Konami are turning this game into a cash grab. The “free-to-play” mantra is just a hook to get players mentally invested so they can spend money.

What do you think about this new eFootball PES update and how much would you be willing to pay to have access to Master League, Become a Legend etc. Let me hear your thoughts please.

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