Calling on all Audiophiles, please assemble. In this article, we’re going to do a comparison between two budget IEMs. This is the QKZ AK6 vs QKZ AK6 Pro.

Choosing between the QKZ AK6 and AK6 Pro earbuds can be a head-scratcher. Both boast tempting price tags and promise quality sound, but which one should grace your ears? Let’s dissect each contender to find out which budget IEM is the better one.

QKZ AK6 Vs QKZ AK6 Pro Overview

The QKZ AK6 and the QKZ AK6 Pro as their names imply, are both from the same company. The QKZ AK6 Pro is a successor to the QKZ AK6, so it is expected that both IEMs could share similar specs. And they do too. They both have single dynamic drivers, wired connectivity, and a lightweight design. The difference however is that the QKZ AK6 Pro uses a detachable cable and has a slightly warmer sound signature.


Do not expect much here. When you open the box for the first time, all you will get are the basics like IEM + wires, extra earbud tips, and manuals. The AK6 Pro ups the ante with a cute carrying pouch – a nice touch for protecting your precious IEMs.

Build Quality, Looks, and Design:

Both have solid plastic shells that feel sturdy enough for everyday use. The AK6 Pro boasts a slightly sleeker, angular design, while the AK6 sticks to a classic bud shape. Both come in a variety of eye-catching colors, so rock the shade that suits your style.

Ease of Use:

Both offer simple plug-and-play functionality. The AK6 Pro’s detachable cable wins praise for convenience, allowing you to swap cables or upgrade easily. Both have in-line mics for calls, but the AK6 Pro’s mic is reportedly crisper, making it a touch better for hands-free chats.

Sound and Mic Quality:

Here’s where things get interesting. Both deliver impressive sound for their price, packing a punchy bass and decent clarity. The AK6 leans towards a brighter, V-shaped sound signature, while the AK6 Pro takes a warmer, more balanced approach. Some might prefer the AK6’s extra treble, while others might dig the smoother bass of the AK6 Pro. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference. Both mics are decent for basic calls but expect background noise sneaking in, especially with the AK6.



Both are incredibly affordable, often hovering around $10-$15. The AK6 Pro might cost a couple of bucks more due to the detachable cable and carrying pouch.

QKZ AK6 Vs QKZ AK6 Pro Verdict:

It’s a close call! The AK6 Pro wins on convenience and mic quality, while the AK6 might tickle your treble fancy. For those who prioritize a detachable cable and slightly warmer sound, the AK6 Pro edges ahead. But if you prefer a brighter sound and crave the lowest price tag, the AK6 holds its own. Ultimately, the winner is you, depending on your sound preferences and budget.

Bonus Round:

  • Other options: Consider the KZ EDX for an alternative with an even stronger bass and a similar price tag.
  • Upgrade potential: Both earbuds benefit from aftermarket ear tips. Experiment to find your perfect fit and sound signature.

No matter which you choose, these QKZ earbuds offer impressive value for their price. So, crank up the tunes, hit play, and enjoy your music!

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