Dealing with the Infamous Green Line on Your Smartphone Screen

Have you ever been happily using your Samsung smartphone when suddenly, there is a green line on your smartphone screen? You’re not alone. Many users have (and still) faced this issue, and it’s causing quite a bit of frustration. But here’s the kicker – it’s not just a Samsung problem. The notorious green line has been spotted on other phone brands like Vivo and Apple as well.

Green line on your smartphone screen

What’s Causing the Green Line on your smartphone screen?

Users who experience the green line problem are often left scratching their heads because usually,their phones weren’t mishandled or damaged in any way. So, what’s causing this unsightly green line?

The green line issue is most commonly found on AMOLED displays, especially those with curved screens. However, it can also occur on LCD screens. Unfortunately, this green line is usually a telltale sign that something is wrong with the screen itself, which might require replacement.

Several factors could contribute to the appearance of the green line:

1. Faulty Hardware: This could be due to issues with the phone’s internal components like flex cables or damaged display connectors. These problems can result in either temporary or permanent green lines on the screen, and the only solution is typically a replacement.

2. Software issues: Sometimes, a buggy software update can be the culprit. Users have reported encountering the green line issue after performing a software update. It’s believed that a problematic update can cause the phone’s motherboard to overheat, potentially damaging the display connector. While a factory reset might help, it’s not a guaranteed fix.

3. Physical damage: Research has confirmed that drops or excessive pressure on a smartphone’s screen can result in damage. Additionally, such incidents can dislodge internal cables, potentially causing the dreaded green line issue to occur.

4. Water damage: When water enters a smartphone, it often wreaks havoc on one of its critical components: the display.

What Can You Do About The Green Line on your Smartphone Screen?

So, what should you do if a green line suddenly appears on your smartphone screen?

1. Check for Software Updates: If the issue arose after a software update, check for any newer updates or (not advisable) consider rolling back to a previous software version. Sometimes, a software glitch can be resolved with the right update.

2. Factory Reset: While it is not a guaranteed fix, performing a factory reset could potentially resolve the issue if it’s related to software problems. Just remember to back up your important data before doing this.

3. Live with It: If the green line doesn’t bother you or interfere with the overall functionality of your phone and you’re not willing to spend a hefty sum on repairs, you can choose to live with it. Many people continue to use their phones despite this issue.


Unfortunately, the only surefire solution is to do a complete replacement. This is usually very expensive.

Prevention Is Key

This is why prevention is important. Of course, the prevention of a thing is always better than the cure. To minimize the chances of encountering the green line problem or other screen issues, you’ll have to:

  • take good care of your device,
  • avoid dropping it,
  • exposing it to extreme temperatures, or
  • putting excessive pressure on the screen.

In conclusion, the appearance of a green line on your smartphone screen can be annoying and potentially costly to fix. Whether it’s due to faulty hardware or a software hiccup, it’s essential to weigh your options and decide on the best course of action based on your specific situation. Remember to handle your device with care to avoid such issues in the first place.

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