How to use Microsoft Word for Android

Hi guys, in this post we are going to be looking at how to use Microsoft Word for Android. Microsoft is one of the biggest software companies on the planet. They also used to be the wealthiest. Not anymore as other companies have caught up to them and even surpassed them.

Microsoft owns one of the most beloved word document processors in use today. It is known simply as Microsoft Word. A lot of Millennials, such as myself, learned how to type using Microsoft Word. In the past, Microsoft Word only existed on the PC platform.

This meant that if you needed to type a Word document with Microsoft Word, you needed a PC. But PCs are no longer the main computers of choice, smartphones are. Smartphones have taken over the world due to their ease of use, mobility, portability, and convenience. At the front of this takeover is Android.

Android is the biggest software platform ever, so it made sense to port Microsoft Word to the Android platform. Hence we now have Microsoft Word for Android.

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Why you should use Microsoft Word for Android

There are several reasons why you should use Microsoft Word for Android. Chief amongst them is the compatibility of the Word document with PCs.

This is a problem that many Android-based Word documents have (not being PC-friendly). Because when one tries to move a document from an Android word processor to a PC, it gets disjointed and misaligned. Using Microsoft Word for Android should fix this problem.

You can also use all Word shortcuts on the mobile version such as CTRL+C (copy), CTRL+V (paste), highlight (SHIFT+up, down, left & right), etc. Other reasons include an abundance of fonts, tables, colors, and other features to choose from. It is important to note that Microsoft for Android is not the complete Microsoft Word package. It is merely a slimmed-down version.

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How to use Microsoft Word for Android

First off, you need to download and install it off Playstore for free. When you’ve done that, locate the app on your phone and open it. First-time users will be required to sign up so please do that.

If you have signed up, then you can proceed to the app. The app interface is mostly white and blue. To start a new document, simply click on the plus (+) symbol at the top right-hand side of your screen.

Choose “this device > documents” to save the device to your internal memory instead of the Office cloud.

Simply select blank and you are ready to go. Type whatever you want to. When you are done, you can arrange it by highlighting different portions of the document (hold shift+up, down, left, right) and moving them around (CTRL+L, E, or R). You can also make it orderly by justifying it (CTRL+J).

You can also change the fonts, and font size, make some of the words bold (CTRL+B), slanted/italicized (CTRL+I), or underlined (CTRL+U). There is also line spacing, paragraphing, and indents.

The document saves automatically but in order to find it easily, you should rename it. You can find saved documents by going to Files > Internal storage > documents. If you are done with a document, you may convert it to PDF in the app for easy distribution.

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