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Surely, you must have come across a lot of people who dismiss specs as rubbish. I know I have. As soon they ask, “oh this your photo is lovely, how can I make my phone take such a photo?” and you start explaining that their phone uses an 8 megapixel (mp) camera and cannot take pictures like a 48mp camera, you have lost them. They are no longer interested. Other times, they may walk in on you playing a popular but very demanding game like eFootball PES 2020 and they are like, please send me na. You check their phone and they are using a low end Mediatek device and soon as you try to explain the technicalities, many of them would say “send me game jor”. Sometimes, the game may work and lag or it may not even work at all. Rather than blame the phone, many of them may blame you the sender or the app. It’s even possible that some of you belong to these set of persons I just mentioned.

At many reputable outlets, the marketers do not bother to educate their customers because the customers do not want to be educated. We always want the short version. “Is the phone good?” “Yes”. “The camera good?”, “Ehn….”, “Yes or no?”, “Yes sir/ma, top notch”. Owa! As the Yorubas would say, we don buy phone.

Everyone has different uses for a phone. Different people with what they value in a phone;

-There are some people that care about processor performance and the ability to run any app or play any game.

-There are others who are social media enthusiasts and only care about pictures and cameras.

-Another group only cares about batteries.

-Some others who use their phones as mini television sets fuss over the displays of their phones.

-And finally, there are people like me who are the allrounders. We want a bit of everything in a phone in the above list i.e Good Processor, Good Display, Good Battery, Good Camera e.t.c.

If you like good processors in a phone, you’ll have to learn about the different types of processors that are used in phones as well as the companies that make them.

If you are a camera person then you need to learn about megapixels, image sensors and image sensor makers, focal lengths, pixel sizes and how these affect camera performance.

Battery people don’t have a lot of stress, they can learn about the several types of batteries as well as battery capacity in milliamp hours (mAh).

When you are conversant with these information, you’ll understand why your camera performs the way it does or why your phone is fast or slow amongst other things.

The last and most important of all these is Price. Apart from the fair few who can afford any Smartphone that they want, a lot of us, myself included use a phone for about two years before opting for a new one. Even at that the resources for getting a new phone may be very limited and would often leave a hole in your pocket. Some companies may sell for fair prices while others sell for unfair prices and cheat customers. When you know your specs, no one can manipulate or deceive you.

So long as you are here, we’ll keep demystifying these things one after the other. Leave a comment below on which group you belong to and what you are anticipating to see here on Inquisitive Universe, thank you for reading.