How to beat Waterblight Ganon (Breath of The Wild)

How to beat Waterblight Ganon

If you’re here, then I’m sure that you are as exasperated as I was when taking on this monstrosity. However, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to beat Waterblight Ganon in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

Waterblight Ganon is a creation of Calamity Ganon who was left to take charge of the divine beast Vah Ruta. About 100 years ago, Calamity Ganon attacked the divine beast Vah Ruta and killed Mipha, the champion of Zora (the water tribe). It then took over Vah Ruta and it has been in his possession ever since.

Well, now Link is here to take it back. However, Waterblight Ganon is not going to make it easy for you. Initially, I threw myself at him countless times and got killed the same number of times. At one point, I chucked my controller at a wall in frustration! I saw countless tutorials on YouTube all using flurry rush and making it look easy even when it’s not. It made me more frustrated.

But you…you’re smarter than me, that’s why you’re here. So let’s get this over it.

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Before you begin:

  • Food: Cook a lotta of food. If you think you’ve got enough food, well that means you should make some more food.
  • Spears: You need spears to beat Waterblight Ganon. More spears than swords. If you’ve got swords, exchange them for Zoran spears.
  • Bows and Arrows: You’ll need a very good bow as a basic bow won’t do. Get a Lizal bow from Lizals or Knights Bow if you can law your hands on any. Stock up on shock arrows or bomb arrows. These are very effective against Waterblight Ganon.
  • Cryonis Rune: This rune gives Link the ability to spontaneously make ice out of water and to break the ice as well. You should master it.
  • A calm head: You should be calm going into this one. It’s surprisingly easy when you are calm. Remember Nintendo makes games for kids. You are smarter than the average kid. You can do this.

When you have all of this done, go back into the divine beast Vah Ruta and show Waterblight Ganon who’s the boss around here.

How to Beat Waterblight Ganon – The Fight

As you’ll see with most bosses in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, the fights are divided into 3 stages. For Waterblight Ganon, we have a melee stage with very close combat, a water stage with long-range combat, and finally the laser stage. You’ll have to survive all 3 phases.

Phase 1

Make sure your spear is equipped and charge (run at) Waterblight Ganon. Ensure to avoid being hit directly and eat immediately if you pick up any damage. When you get within range, go all out with your spear. It’ll try to swing at you, but you can easily dodge those. It’ll also stab its spear into the ground for a ranged attack. You can’t avoid that. Just avoid taking a direct hit, eat food, and have another go at it. When its health reaches about 50%, it’ll recoil and go into phase 2.

How to beat Waterblight Ganon

Phase 2

Sensing its demise, Waterblight Ganon will raise the water levels in the room leaving only 4 platforms for Link to stand on. Mark Waterblight Ganon’s location and move to the nearest platform opposite it. It’s then going to shoot ice blocks at you. Don’t panic, quickly activate the Cryonis Rune with the L shoulder button, aim for the incoming ice blocks, and shatter them. As soon as you do this, without skipping a beat, aim for his big eye and let arrows fly at him. If you hit him in the eye three consecutive times, he’ll fall to the ground. Swim over to his platform and deal some wicked damage with a spear or just shoot bomb arrows at him.

He’ll get up and move to another platform and aim ice blocks at you again. Just relax and use the Cryonis Rune to quickly smash them and aim for that big eye of his. If you get him 3 consecutive times, he’s all yours again.

Stage 3

At this point, Waterblight Ganon has just about had it with you. He pulls out his guardian laser beam and aims it at you. If you hold ZL (L2 on a PlayStation Controller), you can block the beam. If you block him, hit him with two or three more shock or bomb arrows. He’s all yours


So that, my friend is how to beat Waterblight Ganon in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Compared to the other Blights, Waterblight Ganon is very easy to take on. Just stock up on food, arrows, and spears as well as keeping yourself calm.

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