How to use two separate accounts on WhatsApp

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Hey there, folks! Ever wished you could juggle two different phone numbers using the regular WhatsApp app? Well here’s how to use two separate accounts on WhatsApp.

Right now, that’s not possible without resorting to WhatsApp Business or unofficial mods like GB WhatsApp or FM WhatsApp. But guess what? There’s a workaround that lets you use two numbers on the official WhatsApp app, and I stumbled upon it when I tried out a WhatsApp beta version.

Now, hold your horses, this feature isn’t rolled out to all regular WhatsApp users just yet. It might take some time before everyone gets their hands on it. But don’t worry, you can enjoy this nifty feature even if you’re not a beta tester. Since it’s an official WhatsApp app, there’s no risk of your account getting banned. Plus, this application makes it a breeze to switch between your two accounts, so you can get instant messages on both simultaneously.

How to use two separate accounts on WhatsApp

With this new feature, WhatsApp seems to be taking a big step forward. It could mean saying goodbye to cloned WhatsApp apps that come with the risk of getting banned and constant update hassles.

To use this feature, make sure you’re on version or newer. Once you update, you’ll find the option to add another account in a drop-down menu near your profile picture. That’s how to use two separate accounts on WhatsApp. Pretty neat, right? So keep an eye out for that update!

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