JLQ – New kid’s on the block

It was only a few months ago that the news broke out on tech media that the new Xiaomi Poco C40 was using an SoC called JLQ JR510.

My instant reaction was JL what? What is that? Who are they?

Well, it turns out that there’s a new SoC company called JLQ and they’re here to throw their hat into the smartphone SoC market.

About JLQ

JLQ Technology, also known as Linsheng Technology is a semiconductor company that manufactures SoCs, AI IoT chips as well as other advanced electronics

It was founded as a joint venture between tech juggernauts Qualcomm and a little-known Chinese firm called China Datang Telecom. These are very strange bedfellows if you ask me. An American and Chinese company coming together to birth something new.

This new Sino-American company was formed in 2018 and it is headquartered in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

Mission statement

The company as earlier stated, focuses on the research, design, and manufacture of Smartphone SoCs as well as other advanced electronics for the consumer market.

They aim to bring affordable SoCs, AI, and IoT chips to the general public.

These products are intended for the Asian market. Seeing as it is that the all-new Poco C40 has been released for the Vietnamese market, I guess this much is true. But, knowing Asian companies, I can bet a fine penny that global domination is certainly the ultimate goal.

The company already has strong support from JIC group, Leadcore Technologies, Wise Road Capital, and of course Qualcomm.

The purpose

JLQ has dropped the gauntlet by stating very clearly that they intend to fight for spaces in the low-end market.

These markets are the budget and entry-level segments for budget and entry-level smartphones.

Leadcore are SoC makers themselves but they have been very terrible at it. No offense meant. So, this injection of experience and support from Qualcomm, coupled with funds from Wise Road and JIC, and bam! You have a world-class company in the works.

This is a very clever ploy by Qualcomm because Qualcomm has been paying lip service to the budget and entry-level segments.

Therefore, by setting up a company to compete here, they can then be free to chase Apple and MediaTek in the Flagship segment.

It also doesn’t matter that the USA and China are not exactly best buddies right now, but hey, business knows no borders. Am I right? (nudges reader with elbow)


Their products are divided into two categories:

  • AIoT chips
  • Smartphone SoCs

Chief amongst these includes the JLQ JA310 which is an AIoT chip that can be used for applications such as machine vision, AI cameras, self-driving cars, and smart displays. Other products include the J308 and the J312.

Another product that has gone mainstream recently is the JLQ JR510 for budget smartphones such as the Poco C40.

So we have a new SoC maker on board to shake things up a little. I’m always happy when there’s lots of competition. Competition is always good for us customers. Therefore, long live competition.

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