Hi there, in today’s post, we are going to be looing at eMMC vs UFS storage for smartphones.

The internal storage of a smartphone is a space that is used to hold data on a smartphone. This data includes the Operating System, personal data, games, apps, books, pictures, movies etc.

The two main types of smartphone storage in use today are eMMC and UFS storage. It is quite sad that a lot smartphone users do not know the difference between these two.

So lets look at eMMC vs UFS storage for smartphones.


CostCheaper Expensive
SpeedSlower Faster
BandwidthLower Higher
Higher Lower
ReliabilityLower Higher
EnduranceLower Higher
CapacityLower Higher
Instruction1 at a
2 or more
at a time

The eMMC storage is the older of the two. It is very slow when copared to UFS. It has a lower bandwidth and consumes a lot more battery. The only good thing about it is that it is cheap. It costs less to produce an eMMC storage when compared to a UFS model.

This is why a lot of manufacturers still tend to use them in lower end phones to this day. You can find them on lower midrange, budget and entry level devices.


eMMC storage are being phased out due to their poorer reliability, endurance, capacity and their half duplex set up that can only do one task at a time.

UFS storage on the other hand is the latest kid on the block. It is newer, faster and has a much higher bandwidth for data transmission. It consumes less battery, is more reliable, will last longer and has a much higher capacity.

To sweeten the deal, UFS storage can do two instructions at once as opposed to eMMC that can only do one. All of these improvements that comes from using UFS storage means that the phone would respond faster and be a joy to use but it does come at a cost, literally.

UFS storage is expensive. The higher you go, the more expensive it gets. This usually translates into more expensive phones but the benefits are worth it in the long run.

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