Xiaomi may be a giant in the global market, but they are still finding their feet in Africa. In order to do that, they are going to have to go up against Tecno. Tecno are Africa’s biggest phone brand. In today’s post we are going to look at the Xiaomi Redmi 10 vs Tecno Camon 18.

The midrange segment is a battlefield where many fights for consumers are won and lost. The Redmi series are a mainstay in this segment and is loved by a lot of fans. The Camon series is having to deal with a lot of encroachment into what was once exclusively it’s territory.

The Xiaomi Redmi 10 vs Tecno Camon 18 is an interesting comparison to look at because these two phones are very close in terms of specs offered. Who would come out on top?

Xiaomi Redmi 10 vs Tecno Camon 18

SpecsXiaomi Redmi 10Tecno Camon 18
SoCMTK Helio G88MTK Helio G88
GPUMali G52 MC2Mali G52 MC2
RAMLPDDR4x (1866MHz)LPDDR4x (1866MHz)
MemoryeMMC 5.1eMMC 5.1
SoftwareMIUI 12
Android 11
HiOS 8
Android 11
BodyPlastic, 181g, IP53Plastic, 200g
Display6.5" IPS-LCD, FHD+ (1080p), 405ppi, 90Hz RR (A-sync), 481nit, GG3 protection6.8" IPS-LCD, FHD+ (1080p), 395ppi, 90Hz RR, 550nit, no protection
Camera50MP (wide) JN1
8MP (uw) IMX355
2MP macro
2MP depth
Vid:1080p @30fps
48MP (wide)
2MP macro
2MP depth
Vid:1080p @30fps
Selfie8MP selfie16MP selfie
Audio3.5mm jack, stereo loudspeakers3.5mm jack, single loudspeaker
SensorsAccelerometer, compass, gyroscope, proximity sensor, ambient sensor, fingerprint readerAccelereometer, fingerprint reader, proximity sensor, ambient sensor
Connectivity4G, Dual sim, USB 2.0, OTG, Bluetooth 5.1, WiFi 6, Infrared sensor, NFC4G, Dual sim, USB 2.0, OTG, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 6, NFC
Battery5,000mAh, 18W, QC 3.05,000mAh, 18W

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The Tecno Camon 18 is the bigger phone here and it is also very good looking. It has a plastic frame, weighs 200g and lacks splash and dust protection (IP53). The Redmi 10 is the smaller device. It has a plastic frame as well, weighs a lighter 180g and has an IP53 rating.

For splash/dust protection, the Redmi 10 takes the point.



The R10 ships with MIUI 12 on Android 11 while the C18 runs HiOS 8.0 on Android 11 out of the box. Software is a dicey issue but this author firmly believes that MIUI is the better software. It also has a lot more software support as well from Xiaomi.

Point number 2 goes to Redmi 10.


Both phones use the same SoC setup (MediaTek Helio G88) as well as the same memory types (LPDDR4x + eMMC 5.1).

This is a tie.

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Both phones use the same Full High Definition (FHD) IPS-LCD displays. They also both have the same 90Hz refresh rate. The C18 has the brighter (550nits) and the bigger display but it also has the lower pixel density (395ppi to R10’s 405ppi). The R10 on the other hand has an A-sync refresh rate to save battery and it has Gorilla glass 3 protection which the C18 lacks.

Overall, the Redmi 10 has the better display.


The R10 has a better 50MP Samsung JN1 main camera, an 8MP Sony IMX 355 ultrawide camera, a 2MP macro and a 2MP depth sensor. The C18 has a 48mp generic camera and lacks ultrawide. On top of that, R10 has Gcam ports to improve photography, of which the C18 has none.

It is a no contest.


Both phones have 5,000mAh batteries and support 18W fast charge. It is a tie.

Audio, sensors and connectivity


The R10 has stereo speakers which the C18 lacks. The R10 also has a wider array of sensors such as a compass or a gyroscope which the C18 lacks as well. Both phones have 4g, B.T 5 and WiFi 6 but the C18 lacks an IR blaster which the R10 possesses.

Overall, the R10 has a lot more options for audio, sensors and connectivity.


The C18 costs N102,000 for the 4/128GB version. The Redmi 10 on the other hand costs N89,000 for the 4/64GB version and N93,000 for the 4/128GB. All prices are courtesy of Slot and Pointek.


Both phones are very good but when it comes to value for money spent, the R10 packs slightly more juice and costs less.

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6 thoughts on “Xiaomi Redmi 10 vs Tecno Camon 18”
    1. When people say crap. They’re usually judging with standards set by other Redmi phones such as the Redmi Note 7, 8, 9 and 10. This usually includes the Note Pro series.

      The Redmi is not that bad but it doesn’t meet up to the standards set by the aforementioned phones.

    1. That’s a good question.

      You’re going to need something similar in processor and camera performance at least. A decent battery back shouldn’t be a bad idea either.

      What you’re getting would absolutely depend on your budget and your needs in a phone.

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